Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Nice guys finish first?

Cheaters and grudgers can try their best

Twisters of truth, can mislead the rest

Yet, nice guys finish first

Abusers of power, and breakers of trust

Seem to, but prosper!

Yet, nice guys finish first

Cooperating to begin, and ready to trust

Yet, giving back cheaters with equal jest

That’s why, nice guys finish first

Now and forever; east or west

Nice guys always,   finish first!

Sunday, 21 August 2011


The loving rays of morning sun reach out to the darkness of my empty soul
As the encircling warmth of this unfathomable love awakens me

Kindles in me; kindles in me, an ablutionary fire!

A fire that consumes me, and leaves me no trace

Vapors from my immanent existence diffuse into this uncharted universe of love  

And Ashes of my concepts and ideas get blown away with the evanescent breeze

As the embers of the conceited self are extinguished by the soothing touch of the morning dew

Wisdom blossoms with every budding flower

And compassion flows with every gurgling stream

The inherent love over flows into infinite dimensions of reality

As the morning sun, enlightens me from my fugacious existence

Let this transcendent love overflow into infinity

Monday, 15 August 2011


The morning dew vanishes in the brilliance of the radiant sunshine

The beauty of the flower withers away with the passing day

The foamy waves break by hitting the sandy shores

All composite phenomena once formed, pass away

Thus is the beauty of  Evanescence !

Thus is the beauty of life !!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Do you still think?

Do you think you can choose?

 Choose to, and not cling

Can you choose between, the desert sands,  and the heavenly skies?

Can you choose between, Love and hate

Evanescent form, and unlimited joy

Comfort of unshatterable faith, to the insecurity of the nascent reality

 Familiarity of tangible concepts,  to the ever fallible ever evading truth

The Cocoon of self importance to pervasive emptiness of impermanence

 The Blinded bubble of parochial perception to the universe of interdependence

Can you choose between a pointless self identity, or to be lost in everlasting suffering

Can you still choose?
Can you choose to choose, and not cling?

Can you choose and become free?


You were the lightening of my barren sky

As you struck me with love so suddenly

You lit my sky with life and meaning

Yet you went away in a flash

As I open my eyes in a blink  

Your form has left me, and my heart bleeding

Yet your presence haunts me everyday

Your laugher crackles in the monsoon sky

And your smile fills the face of every passer by         

Your desperate prayers still ring the bell, of every empty shrine

And your memories plough through, every nostalgic thought of mine

Your little life in fast forward, flashes into every frame of mind

As your pointless pain, defies the limits of space and time

Yet, your life has led me!!

Led me to the meaning of love and the meaning of life

Your life made me realize!!

Love!! And only Love is the meaning of life !

Friday, 12 August 2011


Feel the molten love built up compassion as it explodes in violent ecstasy

Feel this shattering explosion of love transform your virtual existence

Let this supernova of love make you surrender your egoic resistance

Emerge from of the eclipsing cage of your conceptual prison and wake up to the realm of endless love

Let this love fill your every cynical atom with the universe of possibilities

Let her fill every sentient being with soothing love that overwhelms suffering

Let her melt away the illusionary boundaries of convention, between ideas of you and I

Let her gather everything in her path into an amalgam of everlasting love

In this molten sea of love

Let me drown and die; and wake up again , to this everlasting love

Let this explosion of love sustain for ever 

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Words are weapons, and words are tools

They shape the fate of kings and fools

Many a meaning; and of many  kinds

The only window into sentient minds

 Words are plenty; and left to choice

But pointless words, often add to noise

Hurting words can drown a broken heart

And a proud word can drag lovers apart

Careless words can fuel hatred's fire

And  untrue words haunt the evading liar

So don’t shed words, without a reason

Words that feed, hatred, lust and self delusion

Think before you speak; before your wild tongue leaps

Speak only! Words of universal virtue

Speak only!  Words of love and compassion

Switch on the filter of the virtuous mind

And speak only!, words that are truly kind

Words !! The only window into sentient minds!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


The Sun’s rising and the stars shining

It’s all in a moment  
Birth, death and happiness

It’s all in a moment

Eyes meeting in soulful union

And helpless hearts broken in separation

It’s all in a moment

All your love and hope, and precious memory

And even your pain, and misery  

It’s all in a moment

The first kiss, and the last one too

It’s all in a moment

Belief, trust and heartfelt prayers

It’s all in a moment

Experience and existence

And the root of all sentience

It’s all in a moment

So don’t be caught in hatred or self delusion

Be compassionate and relish every moment

As, all is in the moment

Living  life, from moment to moment

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Stories and theories are but a convenient rationalization

As they twist and turn the arm of the available information
Joining the dots of the known and  leaving the unknown behind

To the world of unknown unknowns they are truly blind

Formed of Sufficiency and completeness biases of the mind

They make you see your bubble world with clarity

But leave you with an incomplete and distorted reality

Formed as a retrospective explanation

They bias you with egocentric self evaluation

And clinging to your pet idea and striving to get to the root

You never really get to the hidden truth!

So learn to see the world with and open mind

Don’t cubbyhole reality into chunks of a kind

Learn to a take a   flexible perspective

And see beyond the artificial divisions of subjective and objective 

For truth wanders beyond stories and theories

Be thou beware of stories and theories! 


Awake in the comfort of the embracing moonlight

The world is asleep, as I stare into the starless night

 Far beyond the racing clutter of thoughts  and  language

To the silent land of solitude where the mind sits still 

To the realm beyond concepts, ideas and beliefs 

Where there is no separate observer or the observed 

Where there is essence-less  peace and timeless wisdom

Where emotions beyond words,  conquer the corners of the caged mind and set her free

To this mindful state of enlightenment let me be awakened

Let me be awakened into this everlasting slumber of emptiness  !

Monday, 8 August 2011


The sky calls out to me as she lures me with the whiste of the stars

The morning sun sings to me a symphony of the sacred sunshine
The restless clouds keep humming a melody of  enchanting colours

And mother ocean  cradles the breeze with a floamy lullaby
The whispering leaves mumble against the roughness of the monsoon winds

And the  slumbering mountain  comes alive with the raindrops of music

The streams  gurgles a  wanton chant in search of the distant sea

Oh! I am surrounded by this musical beauty !

The music consumes me ; and leaves me in ecstacy

As i loose my self in this music of life

 Let this music last forever !!

Sunday, 7 August 2011


My  soul is finally drenched in this everlasting  shower of love!

The shower that  falls from infinity,  into my  dry, empty soul 

In this shower ; let my ego drown

And let my pride evaporate  by the warmth of  your brilliant effervescence

Let my existence be transformed from the evanescent droplets of self importance  to the wandering cloud of compassion 

Let your currents draw me and guide me as I float in this euphoric unity

And in your mercy; let me shower upon the earth the wisdom of droplets gathered from the heavens above

As I fall to the earth reaching out with love and compassion

Let me loose my self and fill the sands of suffering and sorrow 

Let me drench the earth with  this everlasting love  

Let me be the everlasting shower of Love!  


Hovering and savoring the muck rotten by

 I am the humble, measly fly

Not much up above; and not the sky so high

I may be puny; yet I can fly

I wallow in the dung and I live in the filth

Yet, do not hoard up or crave for wealth

 Rotten and recycled; is the food I eat

Yet, I do not kill; I don’t cheat

I live in merry and freely breed

Yet I am no slave to master greed

I cherish the loo or a dirty plate

Yet I am not overwhelmed by morbid hate

I do not think, though I often stink

Yet, I do not push the world to the brink

So don’t judge me just by my insignificant size

Don’t judge me for my deeds and my innocent vice

For you are just me;  just a bigger me

Seeing life through some other compound eyes

You are no better!

You are no better in character nor in vice

 So see me with compassion

See me with compassionate eyes

For I’m the humble and measly fly

Who didn’t choose to; yet, still can fly

I am the humble, measly fly


Agency in the world of apparent individuality

Does it play the game of universal causality

If cause always has a an effect; and everything has a cause

What am I, in this deterministic chaos?

Who is it, who stills feels pain

Who cheats; and who gains
The answer to this is in the mind

And in mindfulness one would find

That all existence is purely conventional

And freewill and freedom are merely restrictional

The self, solely is a well concealed illusion

And a persistent belief, is only a delusion

Nothing has an inherent presence

And everything is devoid of ultimate essence

Thus beyond the life of apparent individulaity

There exits; an infinite world of interdependent non duality

This is the empty truth!

The empty truth of ultimate reality!

Friday, 5 August 2011


Open the door of your ignorance and let the sky in

Enter the overwhelming universe of love

See beyond the ephemeral phantasmagoria of reality

Look into the eyes of  transcendent beauty

Let go of the shadow of your clingy existence to the brilliant light of infinity

Look beyond the ideas of life and death, and self importance

Feel the stream of ecstatic love gurgling with significance

Die to your meager self and feel the growing mountain of magnificence 

Feel the floating euphoria of this sacred union

Feel this unlimited charm and beauty, and endless grace

Feel this love transform you; and leave you  without out a trace

Open the door of  your self made prison

Open the door and become  love!


Thursday, 4 August 2011


In every breath I hear the music of your love

In every thought there echoes your divine presence

In every song I see the mystery of creation

In every moment of existence, I am filled with you

Yet I am just a speck of dust before the galaxy of your magnificence

In everything I do, I see your million forms

In every face I see, I feel your benevolence

I  am the cup overflowing with the ocean of your love

In every breath I take , I am the flute !

Iam the flute for the music of your love !


Time stands still as the sun sinks in the silent sky

As birds and the raven flutter by

The sun paints the cloudy sky with a divine emotion

And colors of happiness and joy over flow in slow motion

As daylight shakes his hands with his dark neighbor

The night’s cloak creeps across the dusky corner

Creatures head back to their warmth of their home

As glowing clouds of comfort, float where the sun had shone

The symphony of the night overwhelms the silence of the dusk

As stars smile and peep though the sky's curtains

Oh! What ecstatic beauty  fills my mindset 

As the mind is still and  sun sinks in the silent sky

Oh! what a magnificent and placid sunset !

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


The brilliance of a billion stars do not blind me any more

As the mystery of your face unfolds as the universe before me

Your beauty is so overwhelming; and your infinite expanse amazes me

My thoughts grapple to fathom thee; and emotions overflow with your love around me

In Your smile I see a million forms; and your smile enslaves me in rapture

Your words reach out to the soul beyond me; and your words form my meager existence

Now that I have seen your face; my life has changed for ever

 My soul is singing in ecstasy; forever to become part of you

Oh! The mystery of your face!!

The mystery of your face is unfolding as the universe around me!!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Awakened by the music of the earth and ocean

The mind breathes a state of heavenly devotion

Clouds of euphoria float so high

As compassion reaches out to the deep blue sky

Love pervades all and fills the ground

As Suffering is accepted and sorrows drowns

Visions of truth reveal the ephemeral reality

As wisdom sinks in of inherent non-duality

The meaning of life is apparent in contemplation

As the mind dissolves in heavenly devotion

Finally I have become!!   I have become finally one!  

Monday, 1 August 2011


Kinds of creatures and kinds of minds

Are they all of the thinking kind?

Darwinian minds are the first they say

The simplest forms; the simplest minds

Learning all, from past generations

They survive merely by genetic adaptations

Skinnerian minds still lean from real time trial and error

They learn within a lifetime, but are not yet clever

Popperian minds have conjecture and refutation

They can predict the future by empirical contemplation

Gregorian minds Learn from the past and predict the future

An evolutionary product of nature and nurture

From contemplation to self-conscious self-perception

 They are a   reverberating   loop of self-representation

And finally, the one and only enlightened kind

The venerable and undivided Buddha mind

The one beyond cognitive self-representation

The one that sees the undivided whole and its interpenetration

The one beyond delusion and egocentric illusion

The Buddha mind!! The one and only universal solution!!