Monday, 26 March 2012


Through the window of hope, we once peered together!

But in the shadow  of death , I tread alone now!

Colorful rainbows and sunny days, we imagined our future!

But did we imagine the sorrow of  today!

Together we were, as we held hands in every  stormy weather!

But now, drenched and empty handed,  I stand  here alone in the  falling rain!

My hopeless soul yearns for those lost memories!

But what else do they bring, but pain!

Oh beloved of my life! How  much longer must this lonesome journey last ?

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Deep to the hustle and bustle of the battling mind

In the deepest  depths your heart

There is a silent whisper! A silent whisper of love!

Listen to this whisper of love! As she awakens the music of your soul!

Lost and lonely; you had  been accustomed  to the deafening noise of  daily indifference

But listen now, to her silent wisdom!

Behind the wall of pointless words, and rusty reputation, you had conveniently hid

But how long, can you hide  from yourself!

Behind the veiled face of  your dirty ego

There still lies a soul of sentient sanctity!

The soul who silently watches; the soul who silently whispers

So listen now quietly, to her gentle whisper!

As she leads you to the secrets of the beloved!

As she leads you to the gates of  heaven!

Oh noisy mind of mine! Listen to this everlasting whisper of love!

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Remember, those days of sunshine

When the sky was still clear

When love was  in the air, and happiness all around

But seasons change; just as everything else

Surrounded now, by the darkness of the clouds

The cold  winter air beckons me

As my road is covered with fallen autumn leaves

Where else can I go now?

When the road I’ve taken, is only a dead end!


To green pastures and clear waters, from time unknown, you have lead me!

You trusted me, when I deserted you for other pastures

You fed me, when the grass was dry, and the sky was overcast

You protected me, when the wolves of suffering surrounded me

And welcomed me back with open arms, when I wandered away

Yet, in this lonely pasture of today, I yearn for your missing staff

Oh shepherd of my soul!  My only benevolent redeemer!

Lead me to me to your very home! 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Entangled in the messy monotony of my vacuous life!

Will you not come, to unwind me?

Bound to the hedonic ropes of pain and pleasure!

Will you not come, to unbind me?

Wandering in the wilderness of mindless action

Will you not come, to guide me?

Lost to the noisy life of pointless existence!

Will you not come, and  take me!

Monday, 12 March 2012


In the arms of an angel, let me be born again!

In the arms of an angel ,  awaken me to her world of eternal  love! 

In her loving arms, my soul is forever comforted

In her arms, my heart is alive again

In the arms of an angel, let me lose myself to Love ! 

Oh! In her arms, let my final slumber be !

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Bismillah! As you whirl to the mystical music!

Bismillah! As you whirl as a blossom of love!

As a falling flower twirls and dances in the morning breeze

Before its washed away in deaths inevitable stream

Whirl away, your life of impermanence

Whirl away, to the land of eternal glory

Whirl away in eternal ecstasy, as you enter the gates of the heaven within

As you whirl away in heavenly bliss of this holy union! Bismillah!

Bismillah! As you whirl to the mystical music!

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Climbing up the wrong tree of religion

Yet, rooted in the same soil of humanity!

The man on the other branch, is he not your brother?

Fixated on the colored fruits, hanging in your own branch

Intoxicated on the pompous drink, of self-righteousness

Blinded to reason; but driven by heartless passion

Is that why, you cannot really see!

It’s the same old bark, and the same holy tree

Brothers of the same seeds  

Forever in arms, if we really choose to be!

Clinging to the colour, of some illusionary fruit

And fighting over the fragrance of their blessed flowers

If all your life is lost, in the pointless rituals of one mighty tree

Tell me dear brother

Can the mind really be free?

Friday, 9 March 2012


The palace gates remain open, and the royal garden lies deserted

His tired horse has returned home empty; his head still  hanging low

The queen in weeping, and the king couldn’t show

His little boy slept, little did he know!

His wife’s sad eyes say it all, but her tears couldn’t flow!

Oh great Siddhartha! What sorrow has descended upon your family!

Seeking happiness and wisdom, must you leave your home!

What luring torch of truth that you will find

Can make you leave your love behind

What wounds of suffering you seek to soothe

Can make you forget your son’s innocent smile

What strength of heart, and what mindful determination!

Can make you win over the mighty tricks of  Mara  

Oh great Siddhartha!

Did you weep when you left the palace gates?

Thursday, 8 March 2012


If you can see the hidden shadow of sorrow,  behind the crescent of every smile

If you can feel the wounded heart bleeding,  behind the sharpened spear of anger

If you can see the darkened clouds of fear gathering,   before the ravaging storms of violence  

If you can see emptiness in all; and  fullness in all emptiness

If you can understand this wisdom and yet be keep your silence 

Can you still be proud my friend!    


When the sail of your mind is unfurled free

And the blizzard of desire is still blowing

Even a face can launch a thousand ships!

But if beauty resides in the eyes of the sailor

And passion sits at his wheel

Is it not luring lust, which launched the ill-fated vessels?

Sailing without a destination, as mindless passion’s slave

Attached to the anchor of desire, even as it drags you to your grave  

Is there no saner ruler, for this sailing mind?

A captain, to guide with reason; a treasure trove, of truth to find

Oh sailing mind of mine! Can the captain of reason, rein the helm of wild passion!

When he is blinded and wrapped, in his ego’s inner jib

Can he withstand, the whirling wheel, and the torque of desire?

When his hands are charred in lust’s ravishing fire

Can he still grip and guide the sailing ship

Can he sail it to the land of the hidden truth !

Oh captain of my soul, sailing my mind

Can a kind heart; and not a pretty face

 Move your thousand sailors! 

Monday, 5 March 2012


Beyond the ravages of time and the shackles of space and identity

Beyond the world of ideas and concepts

There is a land of eternal ecstasy

In this land of the limitless, and of infinite beauty

I have had a glimpse of the unseen truth

Overwhelmed by  its eternal love and ecstasy

I have entered the gates of the kingdom of truth

I have danced to the music of the mystics

I have seen the vision of a thousand prophets

I have tasted the hidden nectar in all flowers and faiths

I  have lost my self  to this euphoria and love

Oh Lord of  the  empire of love and truth

I have become one with you ! 


When I was once dead, your fragrance brought me to life again

But faster than the morning mist,  you have left the dawn of my life

Now that your presence has  vanished , what miracle of yours  keeps me here  alive!

Is it your silent divinity that brightens my  clear blue skies

Is it your musical voice that embraces me as the warm summer breeze

Is it your everlasting  love that guides me through  this meandering maze of reality

Overwhelmed by your memories , my  sun is still shining high in the cloudless sky 

But still, my lonely heart yearns to see its  sunset 

Oh love of my life ! Will you meet me down the  corner , when dusk sets in? 

Saturday, 3 March 2012


 The sun has set and darkness has taken its place

There are no moons to shine and no stars to twinkle

The streets are deserted and the mind is numb  

In this dark corner of my mind – I sit alone

I sit alone and wonder – where are you! 


How can the mighty ship of happiness set sail  

When its anchored to the rocks of memory

How can the fumes of sorrow be extinguished

When the  fire of  self-pity burns into misery  

How can the roaring waves of conflict subside

When the winds of expectation are still blowing

How can the river of compassion flow

When its hindered by the dam of selfishness

How can the carpet of self control be woven

When the loom of mindfulness is broken

How can the cage of attachment be opened

When its still bound by the chains of desire

Tell me dear friend! How can a wandering mind be free?

When my bleeding heart is still craving!


Wounded in battle! The battle for his own holy name

Fatally frozen in rigor-less mortis!

 The Lord God is finally dead!

And √úbermensch,  our only salvation,  is snoring at his grave !

The vibrant shades of the colorless truth lie scattered 

Just as brains splattered on the mind's bloodied wall  

Tell me oh  great zarathustra! What mighty prism of ideas can divide the truth?

The infinite truth of the mindless skies!

The devil of nihilism may drag you to your hell

But, if you deny it all; how could you tell?

Your eternal castles built on paradise sand

But in the world of delusion,  can they withstand?

Bound to the orbit of mortal gravity

No sailor to sail your righteousness  

No soul to salvage your selfishness  

Riding alone on the tireless horse of chaos

What mindful monster will you tame?

If life is not even,  a worthy game!

Tell me oh great Zarathustra !  Is God really dead ?