Sunday, 15 December 2013


Sailing thoughts on the distant horizon

Get caught up in whirl winds of untamed emotion

Unsettled and unsatisfied

As the waves of craving crash ashore

The ocean of delusion violently roars!  

 As passion sinks in this grave of lust and brine

Dragging with it; my self-chained human soul!

Oh Lord! My saviour!   

Whither is thy promised land of salvation? 


The clouds of compassion have moved away

And the empty sky is barren blue

Scattered in between

The worlds of existence and non existence

My crimson soul is crackling and burning!

Burning in the fire of hatred and lust!

As my soul is lost as smoke, from my charring flesh

Where lies within; the grey ashes of my “self” ?


Empty forms; empty shapes

Filling up to make up space

Inert in thought

Perception and action

Existence lost to the without

Within left in delusion

Vegetating in ignorant bliss!  

Oh!  This torpid Parenchyma!


One to one; face to face

Not contrived by Fear or favor

Guided only by compassion

Freedom to choose between two worlds

Acceptance or action!

Only one of these shall prevail!

As wisdom whispers to the mindful ear  

Let my chary lips speak

The final!  Yes or no! 


Behead the Buddha!

Let the blood flow!

When blood turns to water

The morning sun will glow!


This bird too will fly away

Never to come home again

The nesting season is over

The feathers are all well grown

The coldness of the winter is approaching

The warmth of the  wind is beckoning

Oh! This bird too will fly away!  


The path across is ruthless

No room for life or entanglement

Concepts and understanding

From and feeling

All of these too, have to go

So kill and slay!

Leave no corpse behind!

In this path of enlightenment

No idea can ever get across!


Allah Hu! Allah Hu! 

Save this soul of mine!  

Wandering! Faltering!

Helplessly, I finally come to you!

I have read the scriptures

I have said all the prayers

But I’m still filled with anger and hate!

Allah Hu! Allah Hu! 

Help me get over this vice!  

Worthless   I am; filled with conceit

Self pursuit and self glory, blind me

Lost in this self made misery

Allah Hu! Allah Hu!

Save this lost soul!

I have read the scriptures

I have said all the prayers

Now I surrender to you

Allah Hu! Allah Hu!

Fill me with eternal love

Allah Hu! Allah Hu!

 Destroy my identity

Make me one with  You! 

Allah Hu! Allah Hu!

Save this soul of mine!


I have only one desire

I have only one wish left

Oh my Beloved!

That’s only you!

This life has no meaning

This struggle makes no sense

Longing for you now I’m wary

Seeking you; my time is near

Oh my Beloved! Oh my Beloved! 

Make me one with you! 


Living and dying endlessly!

In this cyclical existence

How much suffering!

How much un-satisfaction!

How many pointless lifetimes!

Drowning each time in an attempt to cross

Entangled in this whirlpool of samsara

Oh Lord of the Vedas

How will I ever cross this river? 


Come with me! Oh my Love!

The wind is right

The sunshine is bright

The morning is still fresh  

Come with me!

The music of life will play

Fragrant happiness will blossom  

The colors of Tomorrow will be brighter

Don’t hesitate now!

It’s now or never! Oh my Love!

Come come come! Before it too late!


Seeing with my eyes

Speaking from my mouth

 Feeling; thinking

Yet separate from what’s me

Who is this dweller in my heart?

Wandering with me in the market

Walking with me in every street

Making every wrong turn I make

Yet aware and smiling, at each of my flaws

Who is this dweller in my heart?

Silent when I’m speaking

Speaking when I’m not 

Reasoning when I’m unreasonable

Suggesting, but not acting

Yet observing one and all

Tell me Oh crazy mind!

Who is this dweller in my heart? 


Pleasant clouds floating; rain drops falling!

Every blade of grass has a smile!

Every step, every breath

Calm and peace!

A miracle indeed; still being alive!

Just here and now

Another beautiful Monday morning!