Saturday, 31 December 2011


The same old sun shines in the morning 

As the same old sky still covers the sea

The same old mind watches the heavens

As the same old heart still yearns to be free

It’s the same old memory that keeps me going

As the same old soul still seeks happiness

It’s the same old life that flashes before me

As the same old clock still ticks away

Yet, wake up! It’s a brand new year today!

Monday, 26 December 2011


Bone ash, spreading in the winter breeze 

Bone ash, feeding the forest trees 

Bone ash is all you are!

Bone ash, is all I''ll become 

Bone ash;   all our pleasant memories!

Bone ash; the pain of all your miseries!

Bone ash; our hope and trust !

Bone ash; our love, lost to the dust!

Bone ash;  the final reality 

Bone ash; our humble eternity!

Friday, 23 December 2011


Be thou beware! Oh awakening mind

Of cares are troubles that you will find

With newfound wisdom you may engage the world

But untold cares and troubles, often unfold

Oh searching soul! These cares and trouble are of many a kind

Differing strategies, just to sabotage the mind

Some cares and troubles, are rid by insight

And,  some are rid by restraint

Some cares and troubles, are rid by use

And,  some are rid by endurance

Some cares and troubles are rid by avoidance

And some are rid by dispersal, and some by cultivation

Such are the cares and troubles of differing kinds

The ones that sink, the even so slightly distracted minds

Oh diligent mind! What are the cares and troubles got rid by reflection and insight?

As, reflections may be unwise, or reflections may be wise

So are its fruits of this very device

 Reflecting unwisely, on self and its self-importance

Cares and troubles, that have not yet risen, rise and, those risen, increase.

Ideas of self, and its self importance, entangle in opinions and views

A jungle of views and a wilderness of views

Enmeshed in the net of overwhelming views  

The broth of sorrow and suffering, readily brews

However, reflecting wisely on the selflessness and humility

And insight into the dependently rising curtain of reality

Cares and troubles that had not yet arisen, never rise and, those risen, vanish

Such are the cares and troubles, got rid by reflection and insight

Oh diligent mind!   What are the cares and troubles got rid by restraint?

Senses without moderation

Indulgence without self-control

Seeing and hearing without moderation

Speaking and acting without restraint

Such are the cares and troubles got rid by restraint!

OH diligent mind! What are the cares and troubles got rid by use!

Foods for sustenance and not for pleasure

Medication for pain and not for intoxication

Material goods for necessity and not for greed

Talents and skills developed out of duty and not for pride

Such are the cares and troubles got rid by use!

OH diligent mind! What are the cares and troubles got rid by endurance?

Torpor and sloth, when they overwhelm you

Lust and desire, when they distort your senses

Heat and cold, hunger and thirst, when your goal lies is beyond them

Hurtful language, for the sake of compassion

Inevitable suffering by the virtue of acceptance

Such are the cares and troubles got rid by endurance!

Oh diligent mind!   What are the cares and troubles got rid by avoidance?

Places that preclude, unwholesome deeds

People and company who make you crave for unwanted needs  

Actions that foster unhealthy habits

Habits that produce unwholesome consequences

Such are the cares and troubles got rid by avoidance

Oh diligent mind!   What are the cares and troubles got rid by dismissal?

Dismissing unwholesome thoughts

Not tolerating, rejecting, and  discarding,   all thinking that leads to hatred or violence.

Not tolerating, rejecting and destroying, thoughts of lust, greed and delusion  

Such are the cares and troubles got rid by dismissal!

Oh diligent mind! What are the cares and troubles got rid by cultivation!

 Nurturing and practicing,  attention and detachment

 Avoiding passion controlled actions

 Learning to desist, overpowering impulses
 Understanding suffering and joy; calmness, and concentration

Thus cultivating mindfulness

Such are cares and troubles got rid by cultivation!

Oh diligent mind! Now I fathom the wisdom of the years

Some cares and troubles, are rid by insight, restraint and use  

And some are rid by endurance and avoidance

Some are rid by dispersal and some by cultivation

Such are the cares and troubles got rid by wisdom

Having rid off all such cares and troubles

The illusion of self and its inherent craving fall apart

The Truth beyond the self, reveals itself ;and  suffering finally stops

Oh diligent mind!  Awakened thus ! What more is enlightenment! 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Dawn has broken; and the morning sun stretches his rays

The clouds and sky brighten, and the early birds seek their prey

But I am still asleep!

Asleep in my slothful slumber!

Did I not know, last night?    

That the morning was just due!

Did I not learn, from every other day of my life?

That, there is a day that follows even the darkest night

And, there is light at the end of every tunnel

Why then, do I sink into a lazy slumber?

Why then, do I sleep, when I should be singing?

Singing the melody of the morning sky!

Why then,  do I doze, when should be dancing!

Dancing to the tune of the humming breeze!

Oh lazy soul of mine

Wake up and set yourself free! 

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Oh empyreal one; of mystery and awe!
I have been longing for even  a glimpse of  your shadow

I have traveled the seven seas, and scaled up mighty mountains

Yet, I find you no where, in the world outside!

Oh mysterious one!

How can I seek you, when you are hidden!
Hidden behind my thoughts, and blinded eyes!

Hidden to foolish woes and cries!

Lost in this futile search for your external presence

My fatigued eyes close, and my lonesome heart sinks

With dawning humility, my pointless ego finally shrinks

And at this very moment!

You manifest your mysterious self!

My enlightened senses turn inward

Inward to the beauty of this wondrous manifestation

And in this light of your manifest formlessness 

How can I not, but see you in everything!

Everything in the universe outside! 

As my inner eyes finally open!

Finally open,  to the dawn of the inner light!

When the sun doesn’t shine and the moon doesn’t rise

When there is darkness everywhere

This inner light is that, which forever shines

Shining and manifesting as your magnificence

Shining and manifesting as your presence

Oh empyreal one; of mystery and awe

Make me a manifestation of you!

Monday, 12 December 2011


There is silence in the sky as the dark shadows capture the silver moonshine

As the dark hands of the lurid earth, overpowers the tender glow of the full moon

Darkness fills the sky and clouds moan; as they watch the moon's futile struggle

In this unholy union of moonshine and shadow; an eclipse is born!

As the night passes, the contented earth is moved by pity and regret 

Overcome by  shame, he moves away abashedly; leaving but  a dark sighing moon!

As the reborn moon creeps from the dark clutches of the earth’s shadow

She smiles in relief and joy, and the sky brightens to her moonshine!

Far below , the oceans rise and rejoice as they greet the moon’s return

Lovers hold their hands in union, and the little birds chirp. as they fly towards the radiant sky 

The lonely tree, glows in the luminescent moonshine 

Oh ! How beautiful!

How beautiful is this moonshine !


Within the silent wilderness of the lonesome mind

Beyond the mountains of words, and the deserts of ideas

There is an ethereal oasis with a musical fountain!

A musical fountain of everlasting love!

As my drought struck soul, drinks from this heavenly fountain of musical love

 Music fills my heart, and my soul overflows with love

And the love transforms my menial existence!

Yet, overwhelmed by the divinity of the  music; I cannot sing it‘s symphony!

 My lips, cannot but tremble in humility; though my heart beats to its tune

My ideas collapse, as I grapple to fathom its limitless expanse

My words crumble to its  meaning and  magnificence

My soul glows in the light of love and music; yet, I am so helpless!

Oh Musical fountain of everlasting love!

How do I sing your sacred symphony?

Thursday, 8 December 2011


The sudden thunder awakens me from my sunny slumber

The storm clouds greet me by the dark and lonely sky

Startling rain drops drench me with surprise

Where was the voice of  thunder during those long summer nights?

Where were the embracing clouds when the earth and sky were barren?

Where were the raindrops when I thirsty in the wilderness ? 

Now that my struggle is over; they greet me with a rainy smile! 

When I no longer need the rain to sustain me and my pointless existence! 

I no longer wither and wilt, without raindrops to moisten my heart!

I no longer wait longingly  for the coming of the monsoon clouds

Yet, like an unexpected visitor the rain has come

Without knocking on my door , he had drenched me!

Without asking me, he had brought home the dark rainy clouds

Now that I am drenched, now that they have come

What am I to do; but to welcome them with wide open arms? 

What am to serve them :except the emptiness of my soul?

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Picture frames and memories

Hopes, smiles and miseries

Of love, loss and emptiness

The eternal pursuit of happiness

Of dreams and visions that only shatter!

Life and meaning; that don’t really matter!

With bonded chains of attachment

A life free of detachment

Can  selfless frames without memory

Be free from life, and its misery? 


Don’t  sleep tonight; oh lazy mind!

The night is young and the stars are bright

The journey is  long; with no path in sight

Lost and lonely, in the wilderness of the mind

Peace and happiness, will you ever find?

The eastern sun may rise again tomorrow

But will you be awake to see it?

So tonight’s all you have; Oh blessed mind!

So Strive on with diligence;

 Till the sweetness of the  fountain of  love  overwhelms you

Strive on with diligence

Oh lazy mind!  Don’t sleep tonight!

Monday, 5 December 2011


Let the lotus of my heart blossom with love

Let me flower! Flower to the warmth of the morning sun

Let me dance! Dance to the tune of the rippling waves

Let me spread! Spread compassion with my embracing roots

Let me rise! Rise above the murkiness of my mind

Let me fill! Fill the empty sky with Love’s ecstatic fragrance  

Let the lotus of my heart blossom and shine

Let me blossom with everlasting love!

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Mirages appearing to and an empty mask

Who watches who, when no one does the task

No doer nor done; no feeler no felt

No player to play, the card that is dealt

If so great soul! Who is it asking, who am I?

In this world sans intentional stance

Does “self” perform a delusional dance?

Zombies marching on fate’s unfortunate belt

Or deluded bubbles trapped in their own Umwelt

But epiphenomenal fools can we be? 

Yet beyond the semiospheres do we ever see?

Problems such of agency

Free will, Soul, and clemency

Can we but wonder!

With bubble brains and divisive thought

Can we  see beyond our  inherent blunder?  

As no single word can spell the truth

And no single tree can bear a composite fruit

No divisions can describe the interdependent whole

No Components and parts can make a unitary soul  

Thus Life, magic and consciousness

Are but illusions clarified by emptiness

Biases of completeness and sufficiency

Blinded to the blind spot efficiently  

Thus are the illusions of self and sentience!

Mirages playing on the blank  screen of emptiness!  

Life, magic and consciousness!

Thursday, 1 December 2011


A lonesome tree, by  the desert plain

Left to the winds; in the wait for the rain

In dried up sorrow, and leafy tears

For better fortunes; hopes and fears

Violent gales, in a stormy weather

Hateful heat; at the verge to whither

Yet rooted to ground reality ; you silently hold on !

Nourished by life’s essence, that you have found

In Compassionate water; deep to the rocky ground!

With flexible shoots that, bend and heed

Perennial springs that, lovingly feed

And mighty roots gripping the grounded truth

No one can shake you !

Neither storms nor floods can change your course

No droughts can dry you up with remorse

Oh lonesome tree by the desert plain!

How mighty is your resilience!

Monday, 28 November 2011


In the soothing light of the breaking dawn

I see the beauty of your loving eyes

I feel your passion flowing

 Tumbling and flowing with the mountain streams 

I feel your love roaring

Roaring with the ocean’s incessant waves

 I feel your love’s ever sweet embrace

Embracing me with the morning breeze

In this everlasting beauty; of the love in your heavenly eyes

Let me lose my self  ! Lose myself to you!

Oh Love of my life!

Make me one with you!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Brilliantly beaming in the cold winter sky

Silently shining in the heavens so high

Oh luminous sunshine! 

Do you ever see the reflections of  your sentient light ? 

Shining without thought ,and shining without restrain

 Feeling no worry, and feeling no pain 

Yet sentient life ; you solemnly sustain ! 

Green smiles of plants in their lucent worship

Wandering thoughts of man in heathen gossip

Lurking games of the predator and prey

Invisible cells budding, in rotting clay

 Sentient  sunshine! You shine and sustain!

Oh luminous sunshine in the sky so bright

Cant you see the reflections, of  your  life-giving light !

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Kernels of sweet gold,and blades so green!

King of the grasses you always been!

Oh! Amazing maize! How mighty you seem!

Plains and mountains, you've spread your seed

Taming the farmer, to help you breed

Forming bread, milk and eggs; and miserable meat

You feed my flesh, with all I eat

From plastics and fuel; to candy and clothes

You build them all,  from  thin air!

Oh amazing maze !!

Domesticator of  the human race! 

How splendid  is thy kernelled face !


Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Brilliant sunshine on a misty morning

Reflecting the joy in my nascent soul

The stillness of the clear blue skies

Reflecting in the calmness of my mind 

The fluffy silence of the floating clouds

Reflecting  in my sentient serenity

The music played by the comforting breeze 

Reflecting in the symphony of my heart

Oh , this wonderful universe!

Reflecting in me with so much beauty! 

Oh , Master of the unfathomable 

 Am I a just a reflection of  You ! 

Monday, 14 November 2011


Oh dainty turkey! Did you ever know?

Till  blessed Christmas , is all you’ll grow!

Living each day ; just become fatter

But for your flesh, does your life really  matter?

Day after day, they lovingly feed ! 

Filled with a kindness, and a  hidden greed

Alas on Christmas , they leave you with cold  feet!

But do they ever ask you, before they chop you to eat ?

Day after day you knew the  friendly trend!

But did you know your meaty end? 

Oh dainty turkey! could you ever know?

Whats cooking in fate's hidden stove !  

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Oh lonesome mind, where do you wander?

You have scaled up the mightly mountain of mindfulness

Yet at the lofty peak of wisdom, you stray at mere pittances!

Oh lonesome wandering mind!

Be thou beware of the five hindrances! 

Fogged by form; an empty treasure

Luring lust, and sensual pleasure

Makes you crave, and make you suffer

Luring lust and sensual pleasure  

Oh lonesome wandering mind! 

Beware of the first of the hindrances! 

The masters of life’s most deplorable state

 Ill will, anger, and morbid hate

They form and fuel, every negative trait

And Lead the world, to an apocalyptic fate

Ill will, anger, and morbid hate

Oh lonesome wandering mind ! 

Beware of the second of the hindrances! 

Motivational inertia, so easy to harbor

Laziness, sloth and torpor

Makes you slip and makes you sleep

Makes creep when you should leap

Laziness sloth and Torpor

Oh, lonesome wandering mind! 

Beware of  the third of the hindrances! 

Rippling the placid mind; gurgling it  in a flurry

Restlessness anxiety and pointless worry

Kills the now and breaks the merry

Ruminations of negativity  in an anxious slurry

Restlessness anxiety and pointless worry

Oh lonesome wandering mind ! 

Beware of the fourth of the hindrances! 

A blunted knife of reason; filled with naivety and flout

Untested beliefs and unreasonable doubts

Pointless skepticism and hasty conjecture
With mindless superstition and carelessness that sprouts
Untested belief and unreasonable doubts

Oh lonesome wandering mind!

Beware of the fifth of the hindrances ! 

Oh lonesome mind! Don’t you wander!

You have scaled up the mighty  mountain of mindfulness

Yet at the lofty peak of wisdom, don’t you stray!

Oh lonesome  wandering mind!

Be thous beware of the five hindrances

Fogged by form; an empty treasure

Luring lust and sensual pleasure

The masters of life’s most deplorable state

Ill will, anger and morbid hate

Motivational inertia, so easy to harbor

Laziness sloth and Torpor

Ruminations of negativity  in an anxious slurry

Restlessness anxiety and pointless worry

A bunted knife of reason; filled with naivety and flout 

Untested beliefs and unreasonable doubts

Oh lonesome wandering mind

As you scale the mighty mountain of mindfulness 

Be thou beware of the five hindrances !! 

Monday, 7 November 2011


Oh budding wild flower

Unfolding into unknown reality

Do you ever see the colors of life?

Not potted by concepts, or watered by love

You smile and sway; without wondering why or how

Hounded by flies and swarmed by bees

What nurtures you, but the coldness of the breeze!

With Petals reaching out to the unseen heavens

Without thoughts and minds to hinder you

Oh budding wild flower

How happy you seem !

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Dancing larvae in the palace pond

Look what you become!

Little monsters driven by unfortunate fate

Feeding remorselessly on royal blood

 The royal blood of the king!

Oh winged warriors of dirt and disease

Even if you change form, and choose to reform

Even if you become noble in trait

Can you ever become, the almighty king?

Ideas and passions, you may have many

But how limited is your destiny!

Oh ,dancing larvae in the palace pond

Just drink your blood and be merry!

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Silver moonlight in the silence of the night

Shy clouds courting, the moon in flight

Warmed up hearts, and a moonlit smile

Glowing with love, and shining with light

Dark shadows and sorrows  disappear 

As love filled hearts, beat in joyful delight

As your moonlit smile enlightens the silent night

All is well, in love and life !

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


The wall of music, in dark sounds of green

The noisy world, beyond what is seen

The Bat’s sonic view, of the  musical sky

 Of  echoes of creatures, fleeting by

Images and shades, of pitch and tone

Sonograms of life, and obstacles unknown

A puff of speech in grey-scale of silence

Colorless minds in harmonic resonance

Redness of red and the blueness of blue

The Qualia of life; a  mystical brew

You may look ; and you may  even see

But a  blinded bat can  you ever be ?

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Soul shopping in a morgue

Misty clouds lost in a fog

Solace sought in vanity

Of hidden smoke and insanity

Flames of truth that do not  encumber

Reality’s dark drunken slumber

Of  hate, lust and violence

Sorrow, love, and silence

Soul hopping in a morgue

What is life, but a muzzy fog ! 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Fountains of lights, bright red and blue

Crackling splinters of colour and hue

Lighting smiles with every blush

Warming hearts with  happiness

Merry souls in rainbows of light

Oh ! Happy is this beautiful sight ! 

Monday, 24 October 2011


Black and white, and shades of gray

Love and war; in work and play

What makes you skip; what makes you stay?

Oh! This world of stealth and prey!

Rosy words, may paint the front

But  thorny backs, do bear the brunt

Locks of hatred, under smiling hats

Brothers in arms yet racing rats!

Slithering serpents on a selfish trail

Another life form beneath the veil

Filthy in feelings, and stooping in stature

Insightful yet an  unsightly creature

Oh! How monstrous, is the heinous  face of  human nature!

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Malice in wonderland

Vineyards of wrath

Fountains of anger          

Look what’s it brought!

Hurricanes of violence

From the eye of hate

Man and misery  

What a dismal state!

From greed to gruesome

Regressive, all the way

Stuck to his belligerence

How long can he stay?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Footsteps on wet concrete

Fixed in time, never to retreat

Random thoughts, carved in stone

Of love and life; and, heart and bone

The changing face of the aging clock

 As moments crumble on striking rock

Plow or toil; strive or climb

But can it change the arrow of time?

Footsteps on wet concrete

Isn't  life just a one way street?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Black knight of death, on a white horse

Riding tirelessly, without remorse

Where do you come from? Where do you go?

Teaching us all, to let go

How do you choose, and how do you get

All that we love, and cant forget

You are so mighty, and you are so strong

Yet, can’t you stop this lover’s song?

Oh black knight of death on a white horse

Just leave the love, and take the corpse!