Thursday, 27 October 2011


Soul shopping in a morgue

Misty clouds lost in a fog

Solace sought in vanity

Of hidden smoke and insanity

Flames of truth that do not  encumber

Reality’s dark drunken slumber

Of  hate, lust and violence

Sorrow, love, and silence

Soul hopping in a morgue

What is life, but a muzzy fog ! 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Fountains of lights, bright red and blue

Crackling splinters of colour and hue

Lighting smiles with every blush

Warming hearts with  happiness

Merry souls in rainbows of light

Oh ! Happy is this beautiful sight ! 

Monday, 24 October 2011


Black and white, and shades of gray

Love and war; in work and play

What makes you skip; what makes you stay?

Oh! This world of stealth and prey!

Rosy words, may paint the front

But  thorny backs, do bear the brunt

Locks of hatred, under smiling hats

Brothers in arms yet racing rats!

Slithering serpents on a selfish trail

Another life form beneath the veil

Filthy in feelings, and stooping in stature

Insightful yet an  unsightly creature

Oh! How monstrous, is the heinous  face of  human nature!

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Malice in wonderland

Vineyards of wrath

Fountains of anger          

Look what’s it brought!

Hurricanes of violence

From the eye of hate

Man and misery  

What a dismal state!

From greed to gruesome

Regressive, all the way

Stuck to his belligerence

How long can he stay?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Footsteps on wet concrete

Fixed in time, never to retreat

Random thoughts, carved in stone

Of love and life; and, heart and bone

The changing face of the aging clock

 As moments crumble on striking rock

Plow or toil; strive or climb

But can it change the arrow of time?

Footsteps on wet concrete

Isn't  life just a one way street?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Black knight of death, on a white horse

Riding tirelessly, without remorse

Where do you come from? Where do you go?

Teaching us all, to let go

How do you choose, and how do you get

All that we love, and cant forget

You are so mighty, and you are so strong

Yet, can’t you stop this lover’s song?

Oh black knight of death on a white horse

Just leave the love, and take the corpse!    


Can you see the man in the mirror!
Can you see him, without his name!

Can you see his tricks and games!

Can you see his pride and fame!

When you see the man in the mirror

Can you look; can you see?

Beyond silvered illusions, of ego so vain

It’s a tinted window, not a mirror plain

Beyond pompous images of egoistic self-reflection

See the true world of infinite perfection

Beyond Mountains and valleys of paradoxical reality

See fountains of love, and streams of non-duality

When u see the man in the mirror

Can you look; can you see?

There is no man, there is no mirror

It’s just Love that lasts forever!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011


The cloud in my coffee

Can you feel it ; can you see ? 

Tricking rain drops in the milky cream

Sweetened taste of the flowing stream

The silent sorrow in the crushed beans

Of powdered dreams, and living means

The sadness told in every cup

Of trees that cannot, speak up

The warmth and taste; the chocolate foam

The darker shadows, and a burning home

Dark clouds in my coffee

How do I sip it , after all I see?

Saturday, 15 October 2011


The sky was brighter, in the light of your smile

And blossom of life, was filled with the nectar in your eye 

Oh, all those evanescent moments!

Washed away in the flood of your tears! 
What have we come to now?

Didn’t we know this love is so strong?

Why then, make this separation so long

Without you, and your everlasting love

Lost and lonely; what will I do now?

In this wilderness of so called life

You were my guiding star; you were my soul

What am I to do here, without a goal?

You were my sunshine; now I’m lost in your shadow

You were my meaning; now I’m an empty barrow 

So fill me with love and don’t you encumber

Awaken me from this earthly slumber

Brighten my sky with the light your smile

Let me see again the nectar in your eye!

Oh ,all those evanescent moments!

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Dew drops dripping on a lotus leaf

Flowing thoughts on life and belief

Cobwebs caught in a rolling stone

Spinning webs of life in flesh and bone

Shattered glass in a mirrored frame

Reflecting images of the mind’s game

 Creeping pythons on a rotten tree

Swallow truth but are never free  

Clouds and oceans, and nascent reality

Aren’t they all just, steaming cups of non-duality?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Knock twice, at the gateless gate

Just eat now, and wash your plate

Chop wood now, and chop wood after

A man who knows this, is his own master

The musical clap, of the single hand

The still flowing water, in a thoughtless land

The formless Face, before its very formation

The empty pot before, the final transformation

Dried up dung, and a searching soul

Three pounds of flax, and a begging bowl

 Fleeting clouds, and mental states

Silence is yonder, the gateless gate

So eat now, and wash your plate

And step beyond the gateless gate

Monday, 10 October 2011


Wandering thorough life’s turbulent seas

Meaning is what one really needs

 For it’s on meaning, life the baby, truly feeds

And its on meaning, that life’s journey smoothly proceeds

And it’s on meaning’s lack, that hatred breeds

And its on meaning’s loss, that love bleeds

So, let not meaning, spill its precious seeds

Choose it and stick to it, and go where it leads

For its meaning, what life really needs!

Without it; all is a sequence of, dead and dying deeds

So, while wandering through life’s turbulent seas

Make meaning always, the sail that leads!

Sunday, 9 October 2011


A poison arrow shot at the heart

Does it really matter, who aimed and who shot?

Must you first, find his name?

Must you find his uncanny fame?

Must we first, ask why?

And does it really matter how and why?

Can questions of identity be given to wait!

For saving life is more a pertinent trait!

So don’t you drown, in the sea of why

Learn to let go, and learn to fly

Free yourself of greed, hate and delusion

For this is life’s only eternal solution!

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Oh, how sweet is this nectar of love!

Oh, how sweet and everlasting it seems!

Yet, as drops of honey, dripping  into the ever salty ocean

I struggle in this world of paradoxical profanity

Where in this salty ocean of greed and delusion, can there be a sweet solace?

How can a single drop of honey, change the salty taste of the brackish ocean?

Will the saltiness drown the love? Will it dissolve the sweet essence?

Will the saltiness overflow and fill my presence?

Oh lord! How can I preserve this sweetness of your nectar!

You fill me with golden drops of honey and love!

You fill my empty pot of existence!

Yet, you throw me into this world of  salty perdition!

Oh lord! Save my sweet soul from this salty sedimentation!

Fill me with golden drops and honey and love!

Fill me and lead me beyond the salty ocean to the everlasting sweetness of your shore!

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Its not you! Dark clouds passing though the desert sky
Its not you!

Its hidden thoughts that make you decide

 Its programmed percepts that make you see and divide

Its not you!

Its innocent ego that’s fills you with pride

Its not you!

It’s a delusional desire that makes you slip and slide

Its not you!

 Its lust and passion that keep you so tied

Its not you!

 It’s Greed that makes selfishness preside

Its not you!

 It’s Anger that burns and makes hatred reside

Its not you!

 Empty wagons on a down hill ride!!

 Its not you!!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Even in the shadow of your light

You awaken me

Rays of scattered light fills my morning heart

As dew and smiles cover the sprouting grass

Happiness dawns upon the cloud of anxiety

And Joy fills the soul with compassion and satiety

Fountains of life and love overflow

And wash away the traces of sorrow

Even in the shadow of your light

Your love awakens me

Awakens and sets me free


Oh! How pointless is the limitless sky

When your wings are broken!

Oh! How pointless is the lifeless life

When your meaning is shaken!

Oh! How pointless is the broken heart

When your love is forsaken!

Oh! How pointless is pointlessness

When your life is taken !