Sunday, 30 September 2012


Pain is the truth and painful is the way

Man may struggle forever

But can the curse of pain go away?

Protector of the body, they often say

But, is not pain, the furnace that burns the soul away

Unfathomable in severity, and variegate in form

Each painful one, scorching the mind in a different way

The writhing pain of birth, the gnawing pain of disease

The stabbing pain of injury; the choking pain of death rattle

How merciless is the heinous power of pain

In this ever-changing interwoven web of reality

Where life is a game of survival and preference

The truth of pain may be inevitable

Its flagitious sword may be invincible

But still; letting go of self pity, and letting go of the self

The weed of suffering withers; and the blossom of serenity flourishes

As the truth of pain is here to stay!


Oh black swan sailing the still murky waters

What flows through the blankness of your tacit mind?

What do you think of, as you elegantly pedal your webbed feet

Do you ever wonder why the water is still, when the shore is windy? 

Whether it’s the water or the mind that makes it murky

Do you ever wonder; where did I come from; where will I go

Who is the mighty one that made me?

Do you ever wonder; why is it me; why is it them?

If , all this life is a pointless swim?

If you ever wonder so; Oh little black swan floating in the river of time  

How is it that, you still remain, so ceraceously calm? 


The mast of pride; now lies scattered on the ocean floor

His bloating corpse; now washed ashore

The headless captain; his brains soaked in gin

Sailing his ship of ego; riding the winds of sin

Seeking the land of glory; in his voyage of self conceit

 It  all seems hunky dory

But until the rock of truth strikes in

Now, as the  water fills his empty deck

And truth makes his ego crack

His self made crown, comes tumbling down

As he struggles to breathe, while his soul does drown

Now lost in the depths of emptiness

With no life left, even to feel his own loneliness

Rotting by the eddies in the ocean floor

His ego and soul lost to nothingness

What more use, can his life be  

Than to feed the hunger of some poor osedax worm!


I can see the glow of the heavenly light even in the darkness of the worldly night

I can see the everlasting sunshine, even in the hidden dark depths of my soul

I can see the causal webs connecting all things existent

I can see the rise and demise of all composite things 

I can even see the shadow of my own conscious mind

Oh master of mystery! Can I ever see you? 

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Oh mighty turtle trainer!  How patient thou art!

TURTLE TRAINER- by Osman Hamdi -1906-Turkey

Five Little monsters with minds of their own

How hard you try to train them!

Their ultimate master you may be

But with minds and shells frozen in time

How can you ever control them?

The   turtle of vision, chewing on hedonic cabbage and the lettuce of lust

Can you make him sip the still waters of your mind?

The turtle of hearing, wandering in the waters of rumour and gossip

Can you make him listen to the music of love?

The turtle of smell, judging and dividing the world into shades of good and bad

Can you make him smell the tolerant fragrance of compassion?

The turtle of taste, always seeking solace in greed and gluttony

Can you make him eat the dried up leaves of altruism

The turtle of touch, always seeking comfort and pleasure

Can you make him obey the cane of self discipline?

Oh Mighty turtle trainer of the monstrous mind! How great thou art!

Five little sense monsters you seek to tame!

How great is thy patience! How great is thy perseverance! 


A million springs under the sun have passed

Yet my feet are frozen in the morgue of  the past

A thousand moons have arced across the nightly sky

Yet my lonesome sky is never clear

A hundred monsoons have showered and gone

Yet my minds garden is still barren

Oh! How much more must my lost soul wait!

Until its time to break free! 


The glow in the horizon grows with morning

The greenness of the grass bows to the rising sun

In the freshness in the cold morning air

And the music of the chirping birds

With silent awareness of every breath

Oh! How much calmer can my mind get!