Sunday, 15 July 2012


Oh lord! Creator of all creatures great and small!

Did you, with your mighty hands, twist the twirls of this little snail?

Splendid in form and color; splendid in manifestation!

You lead him from clear grasslands, to the grey highway!

But was it your will; that he too must cross? 

What calciferous paradise do you hold in store for him?

What luring treasure, to make him slide to the other side?

You shaped his shell; so beautiful and brittle!

But, what about the strength of the speeding truck!

You gave him eyes to see; but no legs to flee!

In his life of flesh and lime; you gave him action and free will

But, what about, insight and wisdom!

As he sees his speeding fate approaching; unable to recede in time

A beautiful life now lost forever!

Crushed and stuck to some tyre, as mere specks of slime!

Oh lord of the snail! Omnipotent and omniscient!

As you sit back and watch in your glory, do you smile, or do you cry?

Saturday, 14 July 2012


The rainy soil fills the air with the fresh fragrance of life

The birds flutter as they sprinkle away the rain drops from their wings

Budding grass and flowers fill the once barren fields

New formed streams trickle and hum around every corner

As I sit here and wonder in silent contemplation

The monsoon of the mind has begun!


Oh murky mind lost in self contemplation!

What’s with all of this confusion?

What is all of this inner conflict about?

Look at water!

Look at water and learn!

Water knows no colors

Water knows no form

Water knows no exclusive right way!

Yet it fills the shape of every bowl

And flows away when the time comes

No form or path, does is cling to

No permanent stain or color does it carry

Yet shaping and giving life!

Essence less, yet the essence of everything!

How clear is the water!

 How clear beyond all confusion!

Oh murky mind of mine, be like this clear water

When the storm is raging and cold rain pours

Oh murky mind! Just let it fill and let if flow!


In the name of the beloved the crimson sun rises

In his name it sets today

In the name of the beloved, blessed life is given

In his name, life ebbs away

In the name of the beloved, is love everlasting! 

In his name let me be!


The long season of disgrace and drought is over

For today, with the falling rain drops, a new era has begun

The flood gates of the soul have been finally opened  

And euphoric waves of joy and happiness overflow

My sorrows drown and bliss fills the air

For today is the day, my expectation has died!

With expectation gone

Every moment is a blessing

Every day is a gift

Every problem is an opportunity  

Hope doesn’t hurt, when its lets you down

Love doesn’t it kill, when the wind blows away

Oh how splendid is this life, without this monstrous expectation

How splendid it is, to let it go!


In the darkness of this lonely night

I walk this deserted road of uncertainty

Dead end or a tunnel, only light can tell!

But blinded by darkness, I stand alone lost in emptiness!

Hoping the ground beneath does not give away

I tread unsteadily forward

Which way this night will end; only time can tell!


From joyful fountains of Eden

I have fallen into this hell hole of today

Oh, what venomous fruit did I bite?

Innocent I was in love and life

What wrong footed twist of fate

Has led me to this serpentine misery!

With tied up hands I yearn to swim                   

While this whirlpool of my mind churns me  

Oh what divine hand shall reach out to me?

Reach out, and raise me from the dead!


The silence over the hills speaks of sadness

The cold wind over the plains, snows down as pain

The cold winter seems endless

As my sorrow is wasted in vain! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Luring mountains of lavish green

Greener pastures of expectation

Lurking wolves and sleazy foxes

Innocent lambs grazing

Black sheep masquerading

Venomous serpents in camouflage

All for some juicy blades of grass!

Sunday, 8 July 2012


My raving heart skips a beat

My fluttering soul hums a tune

As Love speaks the language of smiles!

My happy sky glows in the light of this ecstasy

And the flowers blossom with every hidden blush 

As the fragrance of this joy fills the cold morning air

Even as cruel Time, stops to take a breath

The “I” in me wonders

Oh, can’t this moment last for ever! 


Oh lord Merciful and Loving!

Savior of sinners like me!

Blessed is your glory and benevolence!

With sinful hands I have come to you

With sinful hands I surrender

Oh mighty father of forgiveness!

I prostrate before you, in guilt and shame!

As I finally surrender to your heavenly will

Please forgive and accept my humble repentance

I have stumbled again, though you have always guided me

I have strayed away, even when you showed me your way

 Yet your love for me has never changed

Oh lord! So merciful and Loving!

Show me the light of your will

Oh Lord! Creator of all that is created

As I surrender myself at your feet

Fill me with your Holy Spirit!

Fill me with your everlasting grace!


The battle is more than a fight

Much more than to sit tight

Beyond wounds and losses, raising your might

Chewing on till the last bite                               

Curdling blood in burning fright

Holding still in an endless night

Hope is dying; you too might

Yet hold your ground, to what is right

For the battle within is more than a fight!

So battle it out and don’t just fight!



Painting a different canvas today

With the fading colors of yesterday

Stained faces and tainted ways

Same worn out  brushes and the old rusty strokes

Patterns of the past and waning colors of hope

Oh, what picture can you paint?

When your brush is sticky, and your colors fade! 


A stranger within has woken

A stranger within wonders

One more cloud in the cold winter sky

Emotions and thoughts; feeling and action

Which one is left; which one, when I am gone?

Which one is the stranger within?  

Monday, 2 July 2012


Through tainted glass I view the world

A tainted heart I see

Through tainted glass I see the sun

Let tainted colors be!

Through tainted glass I raise the wall 

A tainted life to be?

Though tainted glass may clear away

But can a shattered ever glass be?  

Sunday, 1 July 2012


The world before my eyes seems wasted

The sky is overcast, and the earth in barren  

The grass has withered and the river has run dry

The birds have flown; and all blossoms have fallen  

As the sorrow of my past casts its saddened shadow on turbulent water

A never-ending eclipse seems to rise; as darkness fills my cloudless sky 

Fatal it seems; as one more day is engulfed in this dark shadow

Even as the cowardly face of my future shies away

Oh craving soul of mine! Will this darkness ever cease?


Never was I born, to die today

Nothing has changed, yet nothing stands still

With empty hands I let my suffering go

Within flashing dreams of this fleeting world

Pleasant is it for everyone, when the new spring comes to pass

When chains of love drag me to my empty grave! 


Naked I was born; naked I shall die

All adornments in between

Are all but entanglements

Mere jewelry for my smiling corpse!