Sunday, 26 June 2011


A brilliant light through darkness of the unknown

The only tool; the only hope

Thus is the way of science

Creeping and crawling, testing and disproving

Dropping erroneous world views, for novel hypothesis

Thus is the way of science

But starting from that which is known

How can one see, the blinded unknown

For no light can reach its shadow

And no eye can see the sound

How can a rigid theory bend the nebulous reality?

Hence, no science can lead beyond a proof

For, what stars can you see through a tin roof?

To know the unknown, one had to shed

All the knowledge that one has held

So break the roof and see the sky

See the world with a flexible eye

Hence, no theory can you justify; for all proof is but a rational lie

And your pet theory may not be, so close to truth as you do see

For Beyond the fields of known and the valleys of known unknowns

There is the darkest chasm of the unknown unknowns

No light can reach it and no mind can fathom it

No knowledge can pierce it and no hand can grasp it

So do be humble in your quest

Loose you ego and test your guess

Test it till you yield your best

Test it till you falsify; not merely justify

Flexible theories and self less investigation

Shedding urges to rationalizing justification

Science truly is vigorous falsification

Thus is the way of science, disprove it if you can

From stars and skies, to testing and disproving

Truth lurks near vigorous falsification

Thus is the way of science; disprove it if you can

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  1. This poem is on the Philosophy of science based on the ideas of sir Karl Popper in his book " The logic of scientific Discovery" . The key ideas are critical empiricism, Fallibilism and how self concepts and egocentric biases interfere with the scientific process. It emphasizes that no theory can be proved but can be falsified. Also, to understand a new concept in reality one has to let go of the conventional and intuitive ideas one holds in the mind