Sunday, 14 July 2013


Shining in the moonlight of samsara

Beaming with the smile of happiness!

 Pleasant is the full moon of today!

But agog friend; beware thou, of the fickle moon

Waxing and waning and ever changing

Let not thy happiness hang by it !   


The chain saw rumbles

The mighty forest tumbles

Life and livelihoods

Now white with silence  

Untold stories left blank

Even as I write on it! 


The little window is open; and the cool breeze rushes in

The sunshine is warm and soothing; my happy mind is free

Another day now passes; just as the years have rolled by!

In the garden below, people come and go; as the fragrance of the blossoms fill the air

Seasons change and my house weathers  

Happy with sitting by the stillness of my window; my silent life flows!


Oh!  How warm and comforting is the morning sun

Especially when you are well fed and sitting by the coolness of the shade!

Oh!  How beautiful and soothing this is!

But, wasn't
it just yesterday; lost and thirsty, scorched and bruised

 I was grumbling at the heartless heat pouring out?

 Yet today! I remember not my words with shame

Tell me dear mind! Ever-changing and ever-self serving  

  How much more fickle can you get!!! 


It’s only this

Nothing more, nothing less

Just here and now 


Knives and magnets

Lollipops and cartoons

A little boy hidden by the beard

Still wanting to play?


Lonesome railroad on the mountain pass!

Never meeting!  Yet never to part

Running for miles together

As sturdy sleepers, keep them apart

Rusting around in the sun and rain

Forced to climb, even this arduous terrain

A lifeless existence half buried in ballast

All for the sake of the passing train! 


Dew laden grass in the sunshine

First the dew, then the grass ! 



From cup to lip, to complete awareness 

Hot and steaming!

Keeping awake, keeping away

Torpor, hate and ill will

Essence of the hills distilled

Into Adenosined vigil

Golden, green and even milky

Oh!  How blissful, is each mindful sip!


Rushing on a Sunday morning

Flaunting and flashing; Wealth and well being

Cursing the passersby for coming in your way

Angry about being late

And anxious about missing the sermon

Driving recklessly, even as you hear the church bells ring

Tell me dear friend!

What salvation are you rushing for?

Mindlessly rushing for just another Sunday service

Pompously kneeling; mechanically praying

Asking for token forgiveness, for your willful sins

Yet proudly clinging to the vices of greed hate and delusion

Tell me dear friend!

How long after the merry service, does the feeling of guilt free goodness last?

For, beyond the confines of, space, time and the pulpit

Unrestricted by institution, or constitution

Beyond the tainted glass of ideas and belief

There lies the infinite world of truth and understanding

And, once you kneel in earnest prayer, and shed your tainted coat of identity

You too friend, Will understand! You too friend will see!

God is love, and compassion is his only son

And the whole creation his holy spirit

Salvation is here and heaven is now

And selflessness is the only path

Even as the church bells ring on another Sunday morning!

Here and now! Forever rings the eternal bell of salvation!