Saturday, 31 August 2013


Oh striving mind sailing the roaring seas of life

This port you are relishing today is only a temporary halt!

Your destination is far away

And the loving seas still beckon you

Don’t be seduced, by the colours of this foreign land

Don’t be lost, in their hypnotic music

This mystical paradise is all but an illusion

A mere trick to steal your mind

Don’t built a castle here on this luring shore

When your home is far away across the ocean

Why gather and   hoard; when you can’t carry anything aboard

Oh! Striving mind!

Wounded by the jagged rocks, chasing foamy pleasures

Don’t you see, this shore is not your home

The tide is right and your home beckons

So cast away the anchor of your ego and sail away

Oh!  Striving mind!

Sail away on this everlasting voyage of love!


Rain drops falling  

No mind, no matter 

Just getting wet 

Monday, 19 August 2013


Fighting this raging battle of so called life 

The wearied mind tells me; time to give up ! 

The aching heart  clings on ; and pleads to me,not to 

unscathed and unstained; still sharp and shinning !   

The sword of wisdom tells me which of these to follow 


Waving blatant flags of victory, on this frosty peak of evolution
Oh mighty mankind!
Can’t you see the doomed horizon?
Can’t you see your numbered days?
Still warm from the pantry of the primordial soup
 With selection, variability and adaptation
 You humbly entered this treacherous game of natural selection!
From growing organelles and spines; to limbs and brains
You have indeed come a long way!
From tree trunks and dangling tails
Clubs and spears and torching fires
To guns and bombs, and even medicine!
You steadily scaled this evolutionary ladder
Yet!  Oh mighty mankind!
Why have you not learnt to love one another?

Stuck with single minded simplex minds
Clinging to the delusion of the ‘self ‘
Driven by the pleasures of the present and proximal   
Gathering with greed, and fending with hate
Your narrow bread basket of self-interest!
In this colossal game of the Survival of the fittest! 
How long can you remain the formidable?
Sentience, person-
hood and consciousness have blessed you!
And have made you rise above the shoulders of the rest of nature’s creation  
But by the virtue of having grown a head; a head full of gyriform grey intellect
Is it not your duty to sustain the helpless body of life?
With eyes to see beyond the chin; minds to think in anticipation
And intelligence, even to offer self regulation
Why is it still, you keep chewing at your own feet!

With teeth ragged with selfishness, digging into your own rotting flesh
Drinking the contaminated blood off your very own frail neck
How long can you hold up your pompous head?
Having pushed, the all embracing planet to this very sapless brink  
It’s not survival of the fittest; but survival of the sustainable
That can save this bleeding planet’s fate
Oh mighty mankind!
Learn to love, and learn to live! Before it’s too late!
Learn to sustain the rest of nature’s creation!  
For a sixty million years from now
When sentient lizards shall again roam!
Only your plastic fossils will speak!