Saturday, 25 February 2012


A moment’s glance can embrace me for eternity

A second’s smile can brighten my evermore

Your musical voice still lingers and weaves me as poetry

Your sparkling eyes still keeps the flame of my life simmering

Your mystical presence engulfs my entire existence

Oh beloved of mine!  Make me mindful of you! 

Friday, 24 February 2012


Begging at a banquet

Daily bread, can you choose?

A madman in heaven!

To insanity you lose?

Sailing on drift wood

A free will  cruise?

A Soul for the lifeless

Oh what good, is its use! 

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Is it in your hidden face, the perfection, I have always been looking for?

Is it in your intoxicating eyes; that I loose myself completely?

Is it in your sweet voice, when the music fills my soul?

Is it your in heavenly fragrance,  the garden of my life is 

Is it in your sublime smile, when the curtain for my happiness is finally raised?

Is it in your everlasting love, when the fountain of my heart overflows endlessly?

Oh beloved one! Give me a glimpse of your splendid face! 


Sailing the sea of confusion

With the oarless raft of the mind!

How long will you wander seeking?

The path that, you will never find

You splash around in foamy pleasure

Though it gets you no where

You stack away, your precious treasures

When you can take them  no where

You dive to the depths of hatred

And wonder why you drown

You shut your eyes to wisdom

And wonder why you’re blind

Oh wandering oar less raft of the mind!

Set free your sail of compassion

When the winds of chaos come around

When the wave of suffering topples you

What anchor will you find!

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Oh lazy lizard on the temple wall! 

What makes you grip and not fall?

Is it faith that moved the mighty mountains, that holds you?

Does the gravity of desire, fool you?

You scaled the wondrous wall to worthy heights

But creep back to cracks and corners, when not in sight

With valor and stealth,  you stalk your flying prey

But to the lord of the flies must they pray?

With ritualistic precision you lash your faithful tail

Yet, with the mere shadow of fear, you drop it off your trail

You strut around with pride, and hum a chesty tune

 Unaware that, dusk follows the dawn of  good fortune

Don’t you  know oh lazy lizard !

That you own not the wall,  that you proudly crawl!

Sooner or later, it could be your turn to fall!

So, when water washes away your footprints from the temple wall!

Oh, lazy lizard! What will you grip to, when you slip and fall?

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hats and robes you may wear

But in your heart, do you care? 

For mindless deeds that often hurt

Thoughtless words that you do blurt

Of  innocent minds that you subtly bleed

An extra morsel kept away, in hidden greed

But don’t you see my noble friend

That your life too, will one day end

The subtle things that you do today

Will be done to you, another day

The ones you despise with scornful glances

Could just be you,  in another set of circumstances

So open your eyes to the world of love and empathy 

See the threatened man hiding,  behind some pompous  name

See his human heart bleeding, beyond his  glory, shame and fame

 Deeper to your skin,  my noble friend; aren't  we all just the same !

Mere shadows playing,  to the dance of the same sacred flame 

The world is vast and wide; yet from death,  no one can hide

So, you too my noble friend, will not last for eternity

But happy you shall live and happy you shall die

With the compassionate eyes of  love and empathy! 

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Come to me!  Oh  love of my heart! 

Our long awaited moment,  has finally come !

Our weary eyes  finally meet,  after a life time of separation

Our searching souls , wounded by apparent demise, have finally become one ! 

As I surrender my existence to the heavenly warmth of your everlasting love

My every breath fills with your magnificence

My mortal heart beat, resonates with your wondrous beauty

 As the beauty  your splendid smile  brightens the ambience of my shattered life

Oh love of  my heart ! Let  this sacred union of ours last forever !

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Oh lost and lonely soul; wandering the mind’s deluded maze  

Don’t you ever want to break free?

Do you try to; but fall back

Fall back into the pit of carnal perseveration !

Don’t your self crafted keys of stealth and passion

Lead not to eternal liberation?

Listen then thou ; oh lost soul; to this ancient wisdom

Let the music of love play, and the bell of reason ring

As you step towards the three doors of liberation

The first door to liberation; Emptiness

Step in if you please  

Where everything is connected; everything’s a blend

Everything is composite; and it all comes to end

Nothing is inherent; and no object has essence

Where ego is delusional, and self, a mere pretence

 Thus is the eternal door of Emptiness

The first door to liberation

The second door to liberation; Signlessness

Step in if you please
Formless is the object; but to reality it’s blind  

Boundaries and borders, drawn up by the viewing mind

For, there is no separate existence

And there is no separate entity

Words and labels seem to point ;  but the truth is devoid of self identity

Thus is the eternal door of  signlessness

The second  door to liberation

The third door to liberation ; aimlessness
Walk in if you please

There is no purpose ; other that the present moment

No craving, no longing, no anxiety to torment

No wishing , no compulsion ; no pressure to do

Live the moment, and feel its true

Thus is the eternal door of aimlessness

The third door to liberation

Oh lost and lonely soul of the mind

Step through the three doors of liberation

With keys of reason and  eyes of compassion

With emptiness, signlessness and aimlessness

Wake up! Wake up to the awakened one !