Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Let the him with no sin

Cast the first stone

Said He!

Yet! In this world of dissonance

Stone in hand you wait

Wait for the right moment!

For your brother’s weaker moment

For him to slip!

So you can blame!

So you can curse him; condemn him

Make him a caricature of evil

Show case him!

As an embellished embodiment of abominable sin!
Why is it oh foolish mind!

You take pleasure in your brother’s every sinful lapse

Does it hide the darkness in your soul?

Does it contrast your evil heart in better light?

Does it change your sin to heavenly merit?

Does it put you in unsinkable moral high ground?

Why is it that the eyes that see the speck in the eye of your brother

Fails to see the boulder in your own!

Oh! Where is your mirror of wisdom!

To show you; that in a another context and set of circumstances

It could be you!

The sinner! The unholy!

 The unworthy! The condemned!

Oh! Where is  your  mirror of compassion?

To show you! That the sinner is another lost soul like you

That he too suffers and he too needs a chance to repent

Oh! You great warriors of righteous thought, and chariots of sententious emotions!

Hold your raging horses! Put down your bloodied swords!

Leave it to the Lord!  

Judge not! Let Love do the healing !

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