Sunday, 15 December 2013


Sailing thoughts on the distant horizon

Get caught up in whirl winds of untamed emotion

Unsettled and unsatisfied

As the waves of craving crash ashore

The ocean of delusion violently roars!  

 As passion sinks in this grave of lust and brine

Dragging with it; my self-chained human soul!

Oh Lord! My saviour!   

Whither is thy promised land of salvation? 


The clouds of compassion have moved away

And the empty sky is barren blue

Scattered in between

The worlds of existence and non existence

My crimson soul is crackling and burning!

Burning in the fire of hatred and lust!

As my soul is lost as smoke, from my charring flesh

Where lies within; the grey ashes of my “self” ?


Empty forms; empty shapes

Filling up to make up space

Inert in thought

Perception and action

Existence lost to the without

Within left in delusion

Vegetating in ignorant bliss!  

Oh!  This torpid Parenchyma!


One to one; face to face

Not contrived by Fear or favor

Guided only by compassion

Freedom to choose between two worlds

Acceptance or action!

Only one of these shall prevail!

As wisdom whispers to the mindful ear  

Let my chary lips speak

The final!  Yes or no! 


Behead the Buddha!

Let the blood flow!

When blood turns to water

The morning sun will glow!


This bird too will fly away

Never to come home again

The nesting season is over

The feathers are all well grown

The coldness of the winter is approaching

The warmth of the  wind is beckoning

Oh! This bird too will fly away!  


The path across is ruthless

No room for life or entanglement

Concepts and understanding

From and feeling

All of these too, have to go

So kill and slay!

Leave no corpse behind!

In this path of enlightenment

No idea can ever get across!


Allah Hu! Allah Hu! 

Save this soul of mine!  

Wandering! Faltering!

Helplessly, I finally come to you!

I have read the scriptures

I have said all the prayers

But I’m still filled with anger and hate!

Allah Hu! Allah Hu! 

Help me get over this vice!  

Worthless   I am; filled with conceit

Self pursuit and self glory, blind me

Lost in this self made misery

Allah Hu! Allah Hu!

Save this lost soul!

I have read the scriptures

I have said all the prayers

Now I surrender to you

Allah Hu! Allah Hu!

Fill me with eternal love

Allah Hu! Allah Hu!

 Destroy my identity

Make me one with  You! 

Allah Hu! Allah Hu!

Save this soul of mine!


I have only one desire

I have only one wish left

Oh my Beloved!

That’s only you!

This life has no meaning

This struggle makes no sense

Longing for you now I’m wary

Seeking you; my time is near

Oh my Beloved! Oh my Beloved! 

Make me one with you! 


Living and dying endlessly!

In this cyclical existence

How much suffering!

How much un-satisfaction!

How many pointless lifetimes!

Drowning each time in an attempt to cross

Entangled in this whirlpool of samsara

Oh Lord of the Vedas

How will I ever cross this river? 


Come with me! Oh my Love!

The wind is right

The sunshine is bright

The morning is still fresh  

Come with me!

The music of life will play

Fragrant happiness will blossom  

The colors of Tomorrow will be brighter

Don’t hesitate now!

It’s now or never! Oh my Love!

Come come come! Before it too late!


Seeing with my eyes

Speaking from my mouth

 Feeling; thinking

Yet separate from what’s me

Who is this dweller in my heart?

Wandering with me in the market

Walking with me in every street

Making every wrong turn I make

Yet aware and smiling, at each of my flaws

Who is this dweller in my heart?

Silent when I’m speaking

Speaking when I’m not 

Reasoning when I’m unreasonable

Suggesting, but not acting

Yet observing one and all

Tell me Oh crazy mind!

Who is this dweller in my heart? 


Pleasant clouds floating; rain drops falling!

Every blade of grass has a smile!

Every step, every breath

Calm and peace!

A miracle indeed; still being alive!

Just here and now

Another beautiful Monday morning!

Saturday, 16 November 2013


Love needs no understanding

Death leaves no trace

The leaves that fall in autumn

Get washed away in the November rain


Sky is vast and the cup is empty

Still water, still keeps flowing!

As boundaries and labels vanish

In this qualia of evanescent experience

Happy is the mind that breaks free !  


The rose is gone

The thorns remain

The garden lies deserted

Weeds are overgrown

Perched low on a withering branch

The Little bird chirps! 


The window is shut and the door bolted

Crumpled papers lie scattered by the desk  

Pondering over pointless existence

 Restless, sways my aimless mind

As I a sit rocking in this lonesome chair ! 

Friday, 15 November 2013


Another starless night

Long dark and lonely

Staring blankly back into my eyes

Restless as I roll in anticipation

For death, dawn; or either

Oh let one of these

Stop this pointless ticking clock!


Eye to eye! A moment’s glance

Breathless now I stand!

Words not supporting

 A smile, a blush!

What more can I say  

When your eyes say it all!

Oh my beloved!

I am so filled with you! 


In this evading world of illusions

You are my only companion! 

Lost and lonely; nowhere to go; nowhere to hide

Helplessly I stand before you!

Solid and unshaken by the ever-changing

Unashamed and undeterred ! 

You silently showed me the blatant truth! 

In your shining blemish- less face

I see my true reflection; I see my true inner self

Standing before You; I now realize

My crooked imperfections; and my wrinkly evanescence

Oh Mighty mirror on the wall!  

Is my fading face of my existence

Just another image,  after all? 

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Purple robes and fancy plumes! 

Music playing to the pomp and show! 

Gaudy gowns filled with pride! 

Power and knowledge glorified

Walking in this procession of self glory

Beware!  Oh great friend!

Trample not on the saplings of wisdom! 

Monday, 21 October 2013


Entity to eternity!

The cycle of life and death!

Knitted thoughts lost in meaning

An identity seeking significance!

Rootless, and seedless; the fruit of understanding

Confabulating, a primal essence!

Eternity caged; Infinity bottled up

In this composite cloud of phenomena

Oh! How illusionary, is this flame-less
smoke of entity!


Wanting; craving!

Moaning in wanton in hunger!

Skull splitting! Brain splattering !

Pickled up in the brine of passion

A life lost to conceit and desire!

Oh roaring mind! Is there really hope? 

Sunday, 20 October 2013


The earth stretches her arms  

The bluish sky bows low

Molten and slow

Consciousness over flows

Matter and mind melt and  merge

Words crumble; form evaporates

 Position, place and person finally vanish

Silence and bliss!

Is all that remains; as the crimson disc slips!

Oh! How blissful is this moment!

This Moment of tranquil sunset !


Bedridden by the roadside

Wounds dripping, sores rotting

 Unnoticed! Ignored!

Even by the compassionate passerby!

Less restricting than this weary life

The silent comfort of a coffin!

Oh! My aching soul craves!


Eyes meeting by Brownian chance

A smile! A sneer!

You greet me!

Yet dear friend

Will you ever know me?

My look, my words

The color of my skin

My class; my company

My wealth; my wisdom

All of these, are but mere a camouflage!

If you can see the world with my eyes

Feel it, with my consciousness

Live with me, this ephemeral experience of so called life

Even then, dear friend

Will you ever know me!

Down the street! Eyes meeting in a judging glance

You may smile! You may sneer

But Oh! Blessed friend!

Will you ever know me! 


A crack too early; to the egg of my life!

Wings and feet; heart and mind!

All to be scrambled up!

Even before my formation!  

A chick unborn! Now ready for the pan!   

As my yolk and life both flow out!

Yellow and white is my un-hatched demise!  


The harvested  crop of love has been finally carted away

My once green field, is now left bleak and barren

Fed by the unforeseen showers of rain

Weeds of desire, hatred and anger

Now stand invincibly overgrown

Lost in the glory of the harvests of the past

Sitting benumbed;   while the field lies unattended

No tilling, no weeding, no seeding

Yet, still hoping for the finest crop

Oh, relentless thought farmer

How long will you sit idle in this fallowed delusion?


A new star in the endless sky!

A new beginning!

A new start!

A new face !  A New life!

Happy is the lonesome heart!

Only if it can forget the past!

Friday, 13 September 2013


Another Victory flag on the mast of life! 

Pointlessly waving by the ocean of changes

Still craving and clinging, to the deck of foolish conceit

My empty hull still ,pitches and rolls! 


Clear blue skies

Happy clouds floating by

Once upon a time!

Just You and I!

Years and clouds; have come and gone! 
The Sky is vast; still clear and blue

But you are not here by my side! 

All alone now, by the shifting sand 

Left to the tune of the wind and waves

My stale breath struggles on; waiting to be let go!


Standing tall in the frosty corner

yellow and gleaming in the morning fog

Not noticed; not worried about

Yet lighting up; for its own part

The lonesome street light glows 


Curly dark clouds embrace the southern sky

As the rain drops kiss the moistened earth

Rippling smiles spread across the newly formed puddles

As the perfumed earth fills the air with fragrance

The trees sway to the tune of the moist wind

And the dust settles and the dirt is washed away

The glossy leaves attain green enlightenment

In this rejuvenating shower of paradisiacal bliss  

My besprent heart silently blossoms!


Lifeless as a rock

Still is the bliss

Without thought or feeling

Form or formation

Without consciousness or contemplation

Existence or non-existence

All, none and only!

I am; I is; lifeless! In bliss!

Rock and non rock! 


Deducer deducing !

Lost in silence ! 

Flames of delusion

Smoking confusion

Watered down in silence

Deducer deduced! 

The Rest is silence ! 


Rushing towards another day

Oh Lord! Benevolent and merciful!

Make me realize this dream!

Scurrying through the busy corridors of life

 Let me not trample, on someone else’s!

While being caught up in tending to my own wounds of worry

Let me also feel, the pain of those in endless suffering

And let me act, with patience, love and compassion

Ascending up the ladder of your magnificent grace

Let me be free, of the tainted stains of self-conceit

Making decisions, opinions and conclusions, in daily life

Let me tolerate, differing points of views

Irrespective of the caste, creed or community; action or capability

Let me respect everyone equally

Acquiring, executing   and distributing; in the roles I play today

Let me be free, of greed, pride and prejudice

And in all actions I intend, choose or do

Let me uphold the hands of justice  

Walking this lonesome path of green pastures

Let me break free from the chains of passion and delusion!

Oh Lord! Benevolent and merciful!

As I rush through another day of my evanescent life

Make my dream; my ultimate reality!


The sky has no path

The ocean has no destination

Spring comes and goes

Grass grows and withers

Formless is my original face

As a smile blossoms on it

Saturday, 31 August 2013


Oh striving mind sailing the roaring seas of life

This port you are relishing today is only a temporary halt!

Your destination is far away

And the loving seas still beckon you

Don’t be seduced, by the colours of this foreign land

Don’t be lost, in their hypnotic music

This mystical paradise is all but an illusion

A mere trick to steal your mind

Don’t built a castle here on this luring shore

When your home is far away across the ocean

Why gather and   hoard; when you can’t carry anything aboard

Oh! Striving mind!

Wounded by the jagged rocks, chasing foamy pleasures

Don’t you see, this shore is not your home

The tide is right and your home beckons

So cast away the anchor of your ego and sail away

Oh!  Striving mind!

Sail away on this everlasting voyage of love!


Rain drops falling  

No mind, no matter 

Just getting wet 

Monday, 19 August 2013


Fighting this raging battle of so called life 

The wearied mind tells me; time to give up ! 

The aching heart  clings on ; and pleads to me,not to 

unscathed and unstained; still sharp and shinning !   

The sword of wisdom tells me which of these to follow 


Waving blatant flags of victory, on this frosty peak of evolution
Oh mighty mankind!
Can’t you see the doomed horizon?
Can’t you see your numbered days?
Still warm from the pantry of the primordial soup
 With selection, variability and adaptation
 You humbly entered this treacherous game of natural selection!
From growing organelles and spines; to limbs and brains
You have indeed come a long way!
From tree trunks and dangling tails
Clubs and spears and torching fires
To guns and bombs, and even medicine!
You steadily scaled this evolutionary ladder
Yet!  Oh mighty mankind!
Why have you not learnt to love one another?

Stuck with single minded simplex minds
Clinging to the delusion of the ‘self ‘
Driven by the pleasures of the present and proximal   
Gathering with greed, and fending with hate
Your narrow bread basket of self-interest!
In this colossal game of the Survival of the fittest! 
How long can you remain the formidable?
Sentience, person-
hood and consciousness have blessed you!
And have made you rise above the shoulders of the rest of nature’s creation  
But by the virtue of having grown a head; a head full of gyriform grey intellect
Is it not your duty to sustain the helpless body of life?
With eyes to see beyond the chin; minds to think in anticipation
And intelligence, even to offer self regulation
Why is it still, you keep chewing at your own feet!

With teeth ragged with selfishness, digging into your own rotting flesh
Drinking the contaminated blood off your very own frail neck
How long can you hold up your pompous head?
Having pushed, the all embracing planet to this very sapless brink  
It’s not survival of the fittest; but survival of the sustainable
That can save this bleeding planet’s fate
Oh mighty mankind!
Learn to love, and learn to live! Before it’s too late!
Learn to sustain the rest of nature’s creation!  
For a sixty million years from now
When sentient lizards shall again roam!
Only your plastic fossils will speak! 

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Shining in the moonlight of samsara

Beaming with the smile of happiness!

 Pleasant is the full moon of today!

But agog friend; beware thou, of the fickle moon

Waxing and waning and ever changing

Let not thy happiness hang by it !   


The chain saw rumbles

The mighty forest tumbles

Life and livelihoods

Now white with silence  

Untold stories left blank

Even as I write on it! 


The little window is open; and the cool breeze rushes in

The sunshine is warm and soothing; my happy mind is free

Another day now passes; just as the years have rolled by!

In the garden below, people come and go; as the fragrance of the blossoms fill the air

Seasons change and my house weathers  

Happy with sitting by the stillness of my window; my silent life flows!


Oh!  How warm and comforting is the morning sun

Especially when you are well fed and sitting by the coolness of the shade!

Oh!  How beautiful and soothing this is!

But, wasn't
it just yesterday; lost and thirsty, scorched and bruised

 I was grumbling at the heartless heat pouring out?

 Yet today! I remember not my words with shame

Tell me dear mind! Ever-changing and ever-self serving  

  How much more fickle can you get!!! 


It’s only this

Nothing more, nothing less

Just here and now 


Knives and magnets

Lollipops and cartoons

A little boy hidden by the beard

Still wanting to play?


Lonesome railroad on the mountain pass!

Never meeting!  Yet never to part

Running for miles together

As sturdy sleepers, keep them apart

Rusting around in the sun and rain

Forced to climb, even this arduous terrain

A lifeless existence half buried in ballast

All for the sake of the passing train! 


Dew laden grass in the sunshine

First the dew, then the grass ! 



From cup to lip, to complete awareness 

Hot and steaming!

Keeping awake, keeping away

Torpor, hate and ill will

Essence of the hills distilled

Into Adenosined vigil

Golden, green and even milky

Oh!  How blissful, is each mindful sip!