Tuesday, 29 April 2014


My heart is but Jerusalem!

And today!

Jesus!  The son of Man has entered it! 

Riding on the foal of a donkey! 

Waving Palm leaves for faith!

He enters my final destination! 

Hosanna be to him!

But his temple; my once humble soul!

Is sadly, now just a market place! 

Greed, desire and filth

Anger, envy and hate

Freely trade with hedonic passion! 

 A den of robbers it has become! 

Oh Lord! You have entered my heart

You have blessed me with your presence! 

Now cleanse this temple too!

Chase away my vices

Whip away my passions

Make my soul, a house of your prayer again!

Fill me with your divine Love!

Oh Lord of lords! King of the universe!

Hosanna be to You!

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