Thursday, 28 June 2012


How much brighter must the sun shine, to  see in the hidden shadow?  

How much clearer must be the mirror, to see the sadness in my soul?  

How much violent must be the anger, that dares to hurt Me

How much bitter must be hatred, that finally kills Me

How much molten must be lust, that lures to melt Me

Torn between the void of empty spaces and faces

How much deeper must my love be to love once again! 


Alone and dead; rotting by the road

No shroud to cover my face of disgrace 

No cloth to cover my mottled flesh of existence

No one to cry; no one to bury my lifeless corpse

Dead but waiting! Waiting for the worms!


Vivid are those memories, frozen in time

Livid is the pain; Oh beloved of mine!  

Our broken hearts bleed in misery

 While our souls writhe in agony

I have tasted the rotten flesh of death and digested it

But is it not sweeter than this separation!

Oh Love of my life! 

In this war of love against love!

Don’t lose hope!  Breathe on!               


Oh beloved of mine! What has become of you!

When I was lost and lonely and broken hearted you gifted me wings of love      

With a soothing heart you made me fly;

But was all this love of ours born only to be crucified?  

Now that the nails dig into my rotting flesh

Don’t you feel the pain too?

You have kindled the fire of love in my soul

But don’t you too the feel the heat when my heart is burning?   

Now in this living hell of life

What will I do without you!

Oh beloved of mine! What will I do?  


Drinking from the foamy cup of evanescent life

The venomous wine of attachment!

How sweet is the taste of the luring sip?

How sweet is its first after taste! 

Yet with every gulp after; every gulp your crave

As the stealth of the venom blinds your heart, and cripples your soul  

Pangs of suffering choke your mind!

Oh drunken soul of mine!     

How intoxicated have I become!
Intoxicated I am in fear and love

Intoxicated I am in passion

Intoxicated I am in sensual pleasure

Intoxicated I am in experience

Tell me, oh drunken soul of mine

If existence is merely a vivid dream

What more can be of mere experience?


Hiding in the cave of darkness, fearing the monstrous face of death

Will I ever see beauty of the garden of life!

Clinging to the sinking boat, lusting for life

Will I not see the pearls of beauty in the ocean of death?

Lost in some sentient dream of so called experience

Not knowing, life, death or eternity! 

Oh lost soul of mine!

Let the morning sunshine speak!


In the vast expanse of the cloudless sky

The waning moon finally rises!

As the silent fragrance of my imminent death, fills the darkness of this fatal night

My thoughtless mind sinks in sentient harmony!

My craving soul drowns in emptiness; and my bonded heart ceases to beat!

Oh eternal bliss of death! Let me welcome thee! 


Like smoke, like dust

Like dew drops and mist

I come; I go

Don’t last long, like the summer snow

Gone with the wind!  As the cold wind blows

Nothing lasts! Nothing more!


The long summer is over and the rains have begun

The grass has grown and the sky is bluer

But still, I sit alone and wait for you

My eyes are dreary and my heart is growing weak

My wanton mind can still hear you speak

Oh beautiful eyes,  glowing with love

Will you come back to me?


Moss grows but on a rotting bark

While the rolling rock is forever free

Let lightning strike when the moment lasts

Let the silent mind be free !