Monday, 28 May 2012


I was born of nonexistence; and in non existence I shall be

No birth; no death, no truth, no reality

All these are, but a mere  play of words

A network of theories, and a thicket of opinions

For timeless is the world, as I entangle in sansara

Timeless it is; when I flap the wings of nirvana

With tied up wings, flying across the open skies  

Can it ever be; clever thought may wonder?

But is it not the cleverness of thought and memory that tie you up?

In the world of the timeless

Even the wingless bird shall soar to the heavens!

In the world of the timeless

Is not sansara, the same as nirvana?

In the world of the timeless

Is not love the ultimate emperor?

Of blissful heart of mine 

Let me entangle in this timeless world of love !

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Oh mighty soldier of reason! 

Armour of my soul ! My minds inner eye !

Here I am tired and wounded,  in this endless , loosing battle!

While its not too late, and hope still remains

Wake up from your rotting slumber!                 

Your time is less, and your life is running out!

Your breaths are numbered, and your blood in thinning out!

So be hasty and draw  you rusty sword of will !

Sharpen it with the diamond of mindfulness!

 Oh brave soldier of reason! 

Jump  into this fateful battle! 

Slit the sinful throat of desire!

And let him bleed away your attachements

Stab the selfish heart of anger!  

And watch him slump into  nothingness!

Burn  the abrasive words of deception!

And watch them vanish in  smoke! 

Slaughter the overpowering army of hatred!

And capture the land of  compassion beyond!

For, this is your only battle! The battle of your life!

Oh lonesome soldier of reason!

If you win this, you shall be happy; if not rot in vice!

For winning brings you salvation; if not death and demise!

 Oh brave soldier of reason!

Tomorrow there will be sunshine! In your promise land of  love!

Oh mighty soldier of reason!  Win this battle of  life! 

Sunday, 13 May 2012



Akrasia the emperor! Oh the ruler of the human race!

With mighty paddles of will, I strive against thee!

But your waves and tides of passion entangle me!

Thy army of desire has overpowered me

And left me tied up with my own devices

Now here I am, lost in your maze of entanglement!

Woven from the threads of attachment and misery

The colorful coat of your desire looks so appealing!

Yet, once worn with pleasure, your invisible chains so powerfully bind me!

Oh wooer of reason; and ruler of passion!

The remnants of my free will evaporate before your fire of victory!

Oh Akrasia; the emperor of the human race!

How mighty is thy empire! 


Headless Chicken
Helter skelter as a head less chicken

Treading where your feet lead

While the blood is still pumping, and the flesh is still warm

A few more steps, before the final fall

Which way you head turns, does it really matter

When all you’re left with, is headless after slaughter!  

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Oh how empty is the sky when its filled with everything!

The Road to Konya - Shrine of Mewlana Rumi - Turkey 

Oh how empty is my soul when I see the truth!

How empty is the essence, in a world of causality!

Oh how empty is the illusion of my own consciousness!

For, beyond the restricted confines of my conceptual confabulation

Lies the space-less timeless land of ultimate emptiness

 Where there is no goodness, badness or property

No greenness or blueness or qualia

No I, no you; no permanent self

No this, no that; no separate object

No love, no hate; no persistent emotion

No life, no death; no inherent existence

For all there is only emptiness; nothing more but emptiness

Oh how empty! How empty is this empty truth of emptiness!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Break open the prison of your mind
Tulip garden - Blue Mosque - Istanbul

And free your self from your petty existence

Die to your pointless self, and wake up to the eternity of love

 As the barriers of love are gently blown away

Feel yourself  rise with the mighty ocean

Feel yourself expand and become the heavenly sky

Feel the music of love spread her mystical fragrance

As the brilliant light of love finally becomes you

In this warmth of this everlasting love

Feel yourself in every stranger’s heart

Feel yourself in every dying soul

Yet with all the impermanence and decay around you

Feel yourself basking in the comfort of eternity

As love is all there is, and love is all there will be  

As you break open the prison of your mind

Become love, and become free !

Sunday, 6 May 2012


The Blue Mosque - Istanbul 

I have sailed the seven seas, and traveled across mountains and plains

I have read the wisdom of the ages and of myriad lands 

I have tasted the nectar of truth from every flower of faith

Yet in my soul searching journey, I did not find myself

I have looked everywhere and sought answers from the heaven and skies

But everywhere I looked for my soul, I found only You!

In the deepest chasm of my soul, and in the warmth of the morning sunshine; I find only you

In every nook and every corner of some busy street, and in the fearful darkness of the winter night; I find only You

In the dew filled blossoms of spring, and breezed up leaves of autumn; I find only You

In the face of every passer by; and in every bird painting the evening sky; I find only You

In the pain and happiness of some unknown man; and the untold sorrow in another land; I find only You

Oh Mysterious one! Words and concepts fall apart to silence to fathom thee!

Oh master of my sentience, player of my consciousness; doer of all that’s done!

Let my humble soul be filled with you!


Oh how splendid is this moment!              

How splendid is this moment of love!

Hands in hands and eyes embracing

Souls united and hearts entwined

 Walking in this garden of evanescent life

 Here we are as buds blossoming with eternal love

With the dew drops of innocence

And the sunlight of happiness

How fragrant is this blossom of our love!

No worries of the falling rain or the approaching darkness 

No fear for the unknowns of tomorrow

What a miracle is this bliss, in this moment of love

You and I, hands in hands and eyes embracing

How splendid is this blossom of love!

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Oh lost soul! Seeking solace in self pursuit!

 How long can cunningness and greed feed you?

Oh maximizer of self and utility

 Time and luck had favored you  

When you picked the best of every pie

But, how long can your wiliness pay?

Behind a friendly mask you brew your  rancid selfishness

 Feeding fodder for the ears of the heretics

And sticking silent bleeders in every back

But how much higher can you climb in this ladder of hedonic life?

Fending the pointless bubble of your ego

In the tumultuous sea of impermanence

How long can you float in delusion

With only a false belief, in yourself!

When your hands are tied and heart is poisoned

Why be filled with so much self conceit?

Oh proud soul! Lost in the journey of life

Is it your slyness that makes you shy away from meeting eye to eye?

In your lost journey, will you not drown in your own loneliness?

Will you not choke on your pride?

Will you not strive for satisfaction?

When your self-made life is only filled with emptiness!   

Oh lost soul! Seeking solace in self pursuit

Will you not crave till you die?