Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Oh mighty monster, who art thou?

Is it to you the kings and masters bow?

Is it to you they so easily yield

All their values that they did shield

What gives you power; what gives you strength

Is it true that you are devil sent?

What makes you lure and what makes you tempt

What makes you so impossible to exempt

 You silently creep and violently grip

My minds controls and make me slip

You make me cling and you make me crave

You reduce me to a helpless slave

You tantalize me with apparent phantasmagoria

You lead me to transient euphoria

Yet soon enough you leap out of your camouflage

Besieging the mind to orchestrate sabotage

My mind struggles but often looses, getting swayed by all your choices

Yet to tame you, I must be your friend

I must learn to watch you; watch you till the very end

Watch you as you distort everything

Watch you, the root all suffering

Watch you come; and watch you flow

Watching you by letting go; may be one day you will go

Oh mighty monstrous desire, I must tame you

For, taming you is true enlightenment, taming you is inner freedom

Taming you is happiness and taming you is sorrows end

Oh monstrous mighty desire, I must tame you !

Sunday, 26 June 2011


A brilliant light through darkness of the unknown

The only tool; the only hope

Thus is the way of science

Creeping and crawling, testing and disproving

Dropping erroneous world views, for novel hypothesis

Thus is the way of science

But starting from that which is known

How can one see, the blinded unknown

For no light can reach its shadow

And no eye can see the sound

How can a rigid theory bend the nebulous reality?

Hence, no science can lead beyond a proof

For, what stars can you see through a tin roof?

To know the unknown, one had to shed

All the knowledge that one has held

So break the roof and see the sky

See the world with a flexible eye

Hence, no theory can you justify; for all proof is but a rational lie

And your pet theory may not be, so close to truth as you do see

For Beyond the fields of known and the valleys of known unknowns

There is the darkest chasm of the unknown unknowns

No light can reach it and no mind can fathom it

No knowledge can pierce it and no hand can grasp it

So do be humble in your quest

Loose you ego and test your guess

Test it till you yield your best

Test it till you falsify; not merely justify

Flexible theories and self less investigation

Shedding urges to rationalizing justification

Science truly is vigorous falsification

Thus is the way of science, disprove it if you can

From stars and skies, to testing and disproving

Truth lurks near vigorous falsification

Thus is the way of science; disprove it if you can

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Same old sun and the same old stars
But you are not here anymore

Your smile still trails me and your mind still charms me
But you are not here any more            

Your love fills me and your absence kills me
But you are not here any more

I still feel your hand and still hear your song
But you are not here any more

I hear tear drops spill and your sorrows swell 
But you are not here any more

From pains and moans to ash and bones
I've seen you; but you are not here any more

From thoughts and dreams to future plans
We made together; but you are not here any more

With you gone and memories left behind
I am not the same anymore

Same old sun and the same old stars
But you are not here anymore

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Perception is a representation of reality in the perceptual module of the mind.  Objects are representations of some features of reality that are meaningful for us.  Objects are defined in the mind as a collection of properties. However certain properties are given more value and meaning and are considered as the essence of the object.  For example the essence of the currency note is attributed to the property of  its  monetary value and not the paper its printed on . However the essence is a figment of cognition and does not exist in reality.  What exists in reality is a complex network of causes and effects.
All phenomena are dependent for their existence on this complex network of causes and conditions.  Going by the same example of the currency note for instance, the currency note is dependent on the printing press that printed it, the miners who extracted the ore out of which the metal for the press was smelted, the trees that were pulped for the paper, the State treasury, and so on.  All wholes are dependent on their parts, and parts on the wholes they help to make up. The currency note for example depends for its existence on the particles of paper and ink that constitute it but also, for its existence as a currency note, on the entire economic system it is in.  Finally, all phenomena are dependent for their identities on conceptual imputation.  The currency note is a currency note, as opposed to a book mark, because the treasury and government so designates it.  Hence to exist means to exist dependently in these senses, and hence to be merely conventionally existent.   Thus to exist interdependently is to be empty of essence. Since all phenomena are interdependent, all phenomena are empty of essence. Hence emptiness is not a nihilistic stance but rather a true understanding of the nature of things.   Not knowing the true nature of things, the mind clings to the peripheral and often sensually attractive aspect of things and in its opinion perceives it as the essence of the thing.  Using an alternate perspective; Essence or identity of a thing means that aspect of the thing that remains same through out and does not depend on anything else . In other words the essence should be free from causation and change, existing eternally in its own weight.  However the nature of reality is that, all phenomena are dynamic and all phenomena are interdependent.  Hence the perception of an essence or identity is a mere cognitive bias (Essentialism Bias). If one were to apply the essentialism bias one could possibly come to an erroneous conclusion that, the self, consciousness, the universal reality and so on are independent absolutes.  However if one is devoid of the essentialism bias, the interdependence and true nature of reality can be perceived.  This perception of interdependence devoid of individual essence or identity is termed emptiness. 

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Empty is the truth of reality
Empty it is of all essence

Empty is the rule of causality
Empty it is of all independence

Empty is the world of phenomena
Empty it is with senescence

Empty is the mind that is filled with self
Empty it is of any significance

Empty is the soul that denies its non-existence
Empty it is with dissonance

Empty is the desire that craves with attachment
Empty it is with preference

Empty is the truth of conventional reality  
Empty it is of all essence

Empty is the truth of ultimate reality
Empty it is of all essence

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Everything that meet my eyes
Remind me of those dazzling brown eyes
For in you I saw my soul;  in you I saw silent divinity  
Yet, now I see you no more
No soul, no divinity no special chemistry
For you are not there any more
Yet I am here, living on my own
Seeking my soul and reliving those moments
Moments ranging from floating fun to drowning sorrow
Living life's precious moments as though there was no tomorrow
Yet tomorrow came as a ghostly invader
Sadly for my beloved
 She could no longer be a death evader
In silence she cried and in silence she wept
With divine love and humility, we did accept
That life for us is near the end
Nothing more that we could mend
But life moves on, except when you die
Leaving nothing more but a lover's cry
Though looking back, brings me tears
It's helped me clear up my pent up fears
Now, life for me is crystal clear
She's all around me far and near
I see her now in every eye
I see her even, in the crimson sky
For she is my soul and she is my divinity
I see Her in All with Love's eternity

Monday, 6 June 2011


The sun, The stars and the deep blue sky 

Every thing that meets the eye

Things are not the same

When time flows and your loved one goes

Things are not the same

When tears flow and your lame hope goes

Things are not the same

When death creeps and wins the game

Things are not the same

Yet with  her  gone me still here

Our love is just the same

One may go and life moves on 

But Love is just the same  

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Am I just a thought, Am I just a reverberation

A self perceptual module in recursive contemplation

A hobbesian trap in the ratty race of evolution

A mere survival tool? My only source of revelation ?

Oh venerable consciousness, aren’t thou too an illusion?

Perception and action; plan and ideation

Firing neurons building worlds of representation

Floating thoughts and sinking emotion

Are they too, just for ego's promotion?

Bubbles bloating with semiotic information

 The Umwelt is the bubble world of representation

All that is seen and all that is felt; is all within the bubble of the Umwelt

Yet, so much is beyond and so much is not dealt

 Beyond every thought and beyond any representation

Beyond conventional life of procreation and recreation

There lies a multiverse sans interpretation

 A dynamic flux of interdependent creation

A World of dependent interpenetration

So don’t be stuck in the anasognosic illusion

Don’t you cling to the illusion of an independent and permanent self

When the world you live is an interdependent and impermanent non–self

For there is no permanent self; there is no permanent Soul

Being filled with love is life's only goal

I may be just a thought and I may just be a reverberation

But with Love,  "I am the Universe" in constant resonation