Saturday, 4 June 2011


Am I just a thought, Am I just a reverberation

A self perceptual module in recursive contemplation

A hobbesian trap in the ratty race of evolution

A mere survival tool? My only source of revelation ?

Oh venerable consciousness, aren’t thou too an illusion?

Perception and action; plan and ideation

Firing neurons building worlds of representation

Floating thoughts and sinking emotion

Are they too, just for ego's promotion?

Bubbles bloating with semiotic information

 The Umwelt is the bubble world of representation

All that is seen and all that is felt; is all within the bubble of the Umwelt

Yet, so much is beyond and so much is not dealt

 Beyond every thought and beyond any representation

Beyond conventional life of procreation and recreation

There lies a multiverse sans interpretation

 A dynamic flux of interdependent creation

A World of dependent interpenetration

So don’t be stuck in the anasognosic illusion

Don’t you cling to the illusion of an independent and permanent self

When the world you live is an interdependent and impermanent non–self

For there is no permanent self; there is no permanent Soul

Being filled with love is life's only goal

I may be just a thought and I may just be a reverberation

But with Love,  "I am the Universe" in constant resonation


  1. This poem is on unifying the perspectives of neuroscience, philosophy and spirituality.

    It is a speculation on the nature of the mind , the nature of consciousness and the oneness and interdependence in all reality. It also gives a pragmatic philosophy of using loving kindness and compassion to break the bubble of the Ego and to experience and understand what lies beyond

  2. Inspired by the Sufi song

  3. Hey Prabhakar, this one was a little over my head!! Btw, posted your last one on my blog -please check it out and ok it -

  4. ATP, nice post - Arpit, have you seen the movie Matrix - something like the Umwelt there as well.

  5. Renita - it took me a long time and much explanation to understand the Matrix - I still have some serious doubts! Umwelt - going to google it right now!!

  6. A detailed publication on the umwelt theoery is given in the links below