Sunday, 12 June 2011


Everything that meet my eyes
Remind me of those dazzling brown eyes
For in you I saw my soul;  in you I saw silent divinity  
Yet, now I see you no more
No soul, no divinity no special chemistry
For you are not there any more
Yet I am here, living on my own
Seeking my soul and reliving those moments
Moments ranging from floating fun to drowning sorrow
Living life's precious moments as though there was no tomorrow
Yet tomorrow came as a ghostly invader
Sadly for my beloved
 She could no longer be a death evader
In silence she cried and in silence she wept
With divine love and humility, we did accept
That life for us is near the end
Nothing more that we could mend
But life moves on, except when you die
Leaving nothing more but a lover's cry
Though looking back, brings me tears
It's helped me clear up my pent up fears
Now, life for me is crystal clear
She's all around me far and near
I see her now in every eye
I see her even, in the crimson sky
For she is my soul and she is my divinity
I see Her in All with Love's eternity

1 comment:

  1. Moving poem Prabha. As I read it I realised I see God very much like what you wrote especially in the last bit. It's a deeply moving poem, just like the others. Keep them coming