Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Oh mighty monster, who art thou?

Is it to you the kings and masters bow?

Is it to you they so easily yield

All their values that they did shield

What gives you power; what gives you strength

Is it true that you are devil sent?

What makes you lure and what makes you tempt

What makes you so impossible to exempt

 You silently creep and violently grip

My minds controls and make me slip

You make me cling and you make me crave

You reduce me to a helpless slave

You tantalize me with apparent phantasmagoria

You lead me to transient euphoria

Yet soon enough you leap out of your camouflage

Besieging the mind to orchestrate sabotage

My mind struggles but often looses, getting swayed by all your choices

Yet to tame you, I must be your friend

I must learn to watch you; watch you till the very end

Watch you as you distort everything

Watch you, the root all suffering

Watch you come; and watch you flow

Watching you by letting go; may be one day you will go

Oh mighty monstrous desire, I must tame you

For, taming you is true enlightenment, taming you is inner freedom

Taming you is happiness and taming you is sorrows end

Oh monstrous mighty desire, I must tame you !