Friday, 1 July 2011


Take me to the centre of sentience; Take me to the source of the source

Take me to the universe within; take me, oh take me home!

Where possibilities don’t collapse to actualities

Where universals do not degenerate to particulars

Where life and the lifeless are not treated the same

Where the creator and the created have no pompous name

Where there is freedom yet order; virtue yet no fame

Where there is passion but no attachment; love but no separation

Where there is justice without manipulation, and peace without stagnation

 Where there is Perception without deception, and action without self interest

 Where there is Wisdom without pride and Cooperation without greed

Where the boundary between self and the selfless has blown away

Where thought and memory have been caste away

Take me to this land of the unspeakable

Take me to this universe within

Oh take me, oh take me; take me to my eternal home!

1 comment:

  1. Inspired by a conversation with a close friend