Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Oh mighty ship of the mind; where has your rudder gone

Beautiful sails swaying with the breeze; where has you rudder gone

No compass to guide you; No stars to chart the way

Look what the wind has done

The currents drive you and the winds steer you

Why is your rudder undone?

Beware of the winds of desire

As they lead you to imaginary shores

Beware of the currents of delusion

 As they drown you with lust and curves

Beware of the blizzard of Anger

As it shreds into your sails

Beware of the winds of hatred

As it burns your deck and rails

Oh mighty ship of the mind where do you set sail

While sailing be thou mindful; lest your voyage fail

How long can you be rudderless and sail with out a goal

For sailing such is pointless; oh lost and empty soul

So build your rudder of mindfulness; oh mighty ship of the mind

Sail with loving kindness and become the awakened mind

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