Wednesday, 6 July 2011


The same old stream in Singirikovil
It’s the same old stream in a relative way

Yet all the old water has flown away

Wasn’t it here just the other day

That you and I did often play

Wasn’t it here just the other day

We pledged our love, come what may

Yet death came and took you away

Leaving me to a lonesome stay

Wasn’t it here the very next day

Your ashes I did cast away

Yet here I am by the stream today

Watching water and memories flow this way

Ashes scattered in turbid water

From a loving mind to particles of matter

Your life has just flown away

Yet our love, forever it shall stay

Through my verses come and play

Though all the old water has flown away

Our love forever is here to stay

Forever and ever our love shall stay

1 comment:

  1. This poem is in memory of my wife Niharika on her 24 th birthday. The poem is about a stream near vellore (in Singirikovil) both of us used to often visit. Its the same stream that we scattered her ashes in. Three months later i visited the stream today and was moved by the immense beauty and love that i found so pervasive.