Sunday, 3 July 2011


Am I not the doer, am I not that’s done

Am I just a viewer, as all the rest is done

If all phenomena have causes

And nothing else has none

Who makes all the choices?

Since it’s already been done

As the self is tied by causes

Its freedom is none

As causal chains and forces

Act, the agency is none

Since the self is a bundle of causes

Its essence is none

Since existence is conventional

The All is just one

So, I am not the doer, I am not that’s done

 I am just a viewer, as all the rest is done


  1. This Poem is a based on the philosophy of emptiness as described by Nagarjuna in Mulamadhyamakarika. It states that there is no single agent that can produce action. In other words; each act is a consequence of multiple interdependent variables in the causal chain, and an independent agent( in this case the human ego ) cannot take credit for producing the action. It is also based on the concept of 'intentional stance' as proposed by the philosopher Daniel Dennett. He states that attribution of agency and intention are a very effective in predicting the behavior of self and other organisms and hence has an evolutionary advantage. This explains the illusion of agency that we have and the illusion of intentions we attribute to others. From the perspective of Philosophy of mind , the stance mentioned in the poem could be explained as a modified eliminative materialism. From the spiritual perspective it states that our feeling of being in control is an illusion . Also attributing agency to others actions is delusional and produces anger and hatred. On has to understand the principle of " not doing" to get over illusion of control and agency. Only when one can get over agency can he get over anger and hatred and understand true love.

  2. Thanks to my friend Natasha who shared the words of the Amazing poet KABIR . The following lines are Kabir's verses as they capture a similar theme as attempted by this poem

    Ek kahoon to hai nahi

    Do kahoon to gaari

    Hai jaisa taisa rahe

    Kahe Kabir bichari


    If I say one, It is not
    If I say two, it will be a violation
    Let 'It' be what 'It' is
    says Kabir upon contemplation

    Kabira kiya kuch na hoth hai ankiya sab hoye

    Jo kiya kuch hoth hai karta aur koy


    Says Kabir
    By my doing nothing happens
    What I don't does come to pass
    If anything happens as if my doing
    Then truly it is done by someone else