Monday, 26 September 2011


Where are you ?Oh mysterious one?

My soul is in love with you!

My heart seeks union with you!

I've wandered deserts and mountains searching for you

And  fought  many a battle to capture you

I've tripped over you,  many a time in my lucid lunacy

Finally now,  I realize, You are there with me

Deep inside the battle ground of my mind

I find the silent divinity of your existence

My blind soul has finally seen

The brilliant radiance of your presence

Now that I have a had a glimpse of you

I have finally realized in your Love 

 Nothing of mine is me ; not even my soul

Its all a manifestation of your magnificent mercy

Oh mysterious one! As my heart is in union with you

Forever and ever; my soul is in love with you !

Oh mysterious one ! I am in love with you !

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Suppose there is no heaven and suppose there is no why

If all is empty; including the truth and the sky

If so dear friend, does it really matter; the way, we live or die ?

As belief and truth, my beloved friend

Don't always merge, or smoothly blend

Whether a cloud of dust or an angel to ascend 

all are possible till the very end

So live life  with virtue, as there is no other solution

Pure in mind, without greed, hate or delusion

And virtue, to choose beyond conflicting choices
Yields itself to the four final solaces

As suppose there is an evermore and suppose there is there is a fruit

A mind of virtue, in heaven shall surely reap

Thus is the first of the solaces 

But; suppose there is no hereafter and suppose there is no fruit

Yet here and now, free of greed hate and delusion

The mind of virtue; serene and happy it shall keep

Thus is the second of the solaces

Suppose evil begets evil, and good begets good

A virtuous mind begets only good

Thus is the third of the solaces 

But; suppose evil does not beget evil and good does not beget good

Living without hate greed and delusion; is still as good

Thus is fourth and final of the solaces 

Thus ,sweet are the ways of virtue; sweeter than honey and molasses

Free of hate greed and delusion

Great are the four and final solaces

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Can vice and virtue be held in hand 

Can salt and pepper be so bland 

As Love and passion and visions grand 

Aren't they castles, made of sand ?

And into skin,bone and marrow, must we peel 

For, is reality really,  worth the feel ?

And deep beneath the formless fruit 

clusters of the seedless truth

Lie scattered in the pathless route 

As actions urged by reeking glands 

Cant be more than sinking sands 

Tell me dear Life  

must we still go, hand in hand ?

Monday, 19 September 2011


Oh master of my fate; captain of my soul!

Where have I lost you?

Lost you, in this clouded wilderness of vice and malice

It  seems  like a life-like dream; when we were just one

When you led me by the garden path to the fountains of love

Now with all this separation; the shadows of my pointless existence overpowers me

As with broken wings, my dreams try to fly

The sky is dark, and my wounded heart thirsts for you

My soul is frozen, as my hands reach out to feel every trace of you

My empty eyes search for you, in the wandering crowds

As in, desolate moments, I hope for you

Oh master of my fate ; awaken to my humble cry!!

Shine upon me the light of your presence

Thaw my frozen soul  with your brilliance

Extinguish my burning loneliness and expel its angry shadows

Fill me with your benevolence : Fill me with your compassion

In the brilliant light of you magnificent mercy 

let me over flow with enrapture 

Let me overflow with  this everlasting Love 

Sunday, 18 September 2011


If you can call death home  for dinner

What will you serve him?

Can you look into, in his dark dead eyes?

Can you ask him why?

Can you smile as he cries?

Yet  wipe off  his sinful tears?

Can you serve him hot coffee; and make him your friend ? 

Yet,  can you let him  make,  your very-own  end  

Can you watch him,  get up and  leave?

If death comes home for dinner today !

Can you serve him your soul? 

Monday, 12 September 2011


In your eyes, I  see the heavens in shades of transcendent blue

As the morning sunshine, shines warmly through

In your voice,  I hear the rustle of the wind and breeze

As it lovingly brushes,  across the forest trees

In your smile,  I see a billion blossoms

As your fragrant love, fills me

In the enchanting face of your divine love; let me surrender

 Surrender myself, silently in you

As my soulful cup overflows with this everlasting love

Let me be the rays of light, illuminating the overcast sky            

Let me be the comforting hand to the pain of some anonymous cry

As my ephemeral life,  is transformed by your enduring  love

Let me silently surrender; surrender to this everlasting path of love!

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Radiance strewn over the moonlight night

Overwhelmed with love you walk by my side

No pains of yesterdays or pointless worries of tomorrow

As hand in hand you lead me beyond the cages of sorrow

As kindled hearts unite in silent conversation

Glowing in love’s everlasting illumination  

The resplendent beauty of your face awakens in my mind

Euphoric serenity of  your love enshrined

As You and I, as always; united as one

For ever and ever, with love eternal; united as one!

Friday, 9 September 2011


Two hands and a single mind

Friends forever of the uneven kind

For the right hand writes, many a song and poetry

While the left is sidelined in the shadow of, right’s artistic mastery

Yet, the right hand claims no pride; and the left fields no jealousy

The left doesn’t crib; and right doesn’t brag egotic supremacy

And often times, during chores of hammering in a nail

The right hand slips and smashes the left’s unfortunate, little finger's nail

The guilty right, drops the hammer and soothes the left in undivided compassion

 Even so, the left doesn’t grab the hammer   , to smash back in retaliation

 Thus is the unity of two hands, in ego-less collaboration

Thus is the wisdom of nondiscrimination; of self less love; life's only salvation

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Through the magnificence of the snowy mountain peaks
Love’s eternal language softly speaks

As clouds of varying color and vigor float across

Flakes of love, snows over the mountain pass

Rivers of silvered ice, creep and flow in slow motion

Feeding flowing love, to the thirsty rivers on their journey to the distant ocean

From rocky ice to flaky snow; and, meandering rivers to fluffy clouds

Form may change but its essence, love lasts forever

Transcendent love over evanescent form; Oh! This Love lasts forever!