Saturday, 31 May 2014


Whirling and Twirling

In celestial harmony

I am, eternity!

Perfect in position

Guided by precision

Within me!

The Whole of existence comes to be !

The sun, the moon; the earth and stars

Are but merely my manifestation

From me

You too shall arise

In me

You all, shall finally abide

I am What I am

And I shall always be

Ever eternal!

The Ever eternal   particle of dust! 


Here and now

Forever more


Rest, my friend

Doesn't really matter!


My soul speaks

My eyes show !

Oh my beloved!

Deep within!

Listen to my silence

Don’t you feel the Love? 


A leaky pail of water

Venturing into this desert of life!

Slowly and steadily I keep dripping!

Not knowing my final destination!

Knowing only my empty destiny

No water shall reach its home!

And all pails shall ultimately run dry!

Why is it still; I selfishly try to hoard water?

If only!

If only I could stop and share!

Let the thirsty souls drink!

And rejuvenate the dying!

Will not my pail be lighter?

Will not many ephemeral lives be brighter?

When the water runs dry and my pail is empty

Tell me! Oh Foolish mind

How will ‘I” alone leave a trace?


Strange is this circumstance

Oh lord!

Where have you lead me?  

Hanging by a cliff for dear life

A rope you gave and saved me

 Now as I hang!

Hang  by it and pull myself up

Little did I know!  

As I tug at these precious cords

A noose tightens over my beloved’s neck

Every moment I cling on

Ever so tightly the noose becomes

Tell me oh lord!

In this strange pasture that have you lead me

How can I still hold on? 


Shining in a jeweled corner

 Adorning your enchanting smile

Holding back

Holding up

All Straying   strands

Perfect in place

Salient in position

Oh! Pretty clip

why do you make my  mind slip !  


Flashing through the night sky
Like a shooting star in the dark

Oh Mysterious one

Who are you?

In a moment, you came

In another you vanished

 Yet the glow of your bedazzling eyes

 Still lingers in me

In my grey scaled life of emptiness

You brought in sentient colours

To my pointless existence

You brought salient meaning

When my wounded soul was dying  

You breathed me back to life

Leaving no trace behind!

Now where are you?

Oh Mysterious one!

My soul still seeks you!

What can I say to this world?

Knowing that you are deep within

 Yet seeking for you on the outside

How long can I fight myself?

How long can I fool myself?

Oh Mysterious one

Let me have another glimpse of you!