Sunday, 29 May 2011


Two glances speak but silence remains

Two hearts beat but the oneness remains
At marriage it seems, our life did remain

But when life does trip you; what does remain? 

When sorrow strikes, hope does remain

When hope deceives, acceptance remains

When acceptance dawns, no life did remain

When life is gone, memories remain

When memories flow, the fondness remains

Though life is gone, love shall remain

Forever and ever the Love shall remain


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  2. This poem is dedicated to my late wife Niharika on our first wedding anniversary

  3. Dear Prabha, this brought tears to my eyes. Remembering you...

  4. Truly said, Love only remains. Wishing you cherished memories of your beloved wife.

    ~ NRIGirl

  5. Hi Prabhakar,
    Reni asked me to read your poem on her FB wall. And I was badly moved when I did. And like you, when I am deeply touched, I prefer to put pen to paper, than speak. And a poem was born. Dedicated to you and your wife. May god bless you, friend. I wld love to read more. So I am a fan.
    ~ Geethu

    Two loving souls were bound by fate
    Now one remains, he is destined to wait
    The other rests in peace, away from her mate
    Yet he awaits her return, counting minutes, hours and dates!

    Memories, they say, are the hardest to erase
    Some take to drinking, some choose other ways
    Here is a soul who has penned down in phrase
    Words that bleed emotions, yet never cease to amaze

    My dear friend, to you am a stranger
    But I wish I'd know you, to offer you some relief
    In a world that has no time for anything that breathes
    I'm moved to see you, hold on to your wife's wreath

    You teach me that true love lasts a lifetime
    Its not bound by age, nor sticks to a chime
    You truly are a lover, one of a kind
    Every girl would love to have you by their side

    I pray your pain is eased with time, as you write
    And that you are freed from all bonds that keep you tied
    I hope you'd find love again, maybe less divine
    And the gods keep you together to explore the world, long and wide!