Friday, 20 May 2011


Interpersonal conflicts are pervasive in the world today. Each person has their own limited world view and acts in pursuit of their self interest. However this conflict that we have must end for the survival of the human race.

Though it may seem trivial at the personal level , due to the phenomenon of emergence friction is what fragmetns the world and causes violence ,war and genocide....and if not checked it woud cause the apocalyse itself . Conflcits makes the mind nastier, judgemental and narrow minded and full of hatred that leaves one isolated and lonely a selfdeluded world of egocentic illsusions

The solution therefore is to be open minded and inclusive . Each one should realize their own cogntive baises and the full consequences of their own action. There may be a differences in opinion but ....conflicts should be avoided at all cost......thats the only way

difference in perception and world view are one thing ..where as conflicts are another... Im talking about conflicts, .... differnce of world views however are pervasive and it takes a lot of maturity to be inclusive and not end up in a conflicts....Whatever man has learnt and progressed in terms of civilazation has come from altruistic cooperation and not from conflicts.

Even in mathematical terms , conflict is a zero sum game and always ends up with a loser ; Life however is a non zerosum game and it cannot be played optiamlly using a zero sum stratergy. The balance and optimal stratergy is defined by something called the Nash equilibirium with in a non zero sum depnds on trust and cooperation. So the most optimal stratergy for survival of the human race is altruistic cooperation.

The problem we see in everyday life is that in view of our egocentric view if teh world ..we end up viewing life as a zerosum game. We cooperate when it benefits us and come to conflicts when it does not serve our purpose. So inother words we can choose between cooperation and conflict at any instant depending onthe context. wahtever progress humanity has made is due to this cooperation and altruism. ... See More

The problem is that, our very minds have a self centred world view is always keen on pursuing self interest . Sicne the mind wrongly perceives that life is a zero sum game it shifts stratergy from cooperation to conflict. This major cognitve bias is th reason why there is a huge crisis in the today.

In simpler terms. We think we are independant soverign beings , seperate from the world and others .Hence we go about pursuing our own self interest.
However, a simple observation of the reality around you will make you realise that , that u are not a seperate entity but just another interdependant part of the simulto-synchronous dynamic flux of events in space time. Take any example, from, ecology, economics, medicine , food industry, markets, politics, globalisation, terrorism .. climate change..every aspect of knowldge on all realms point to the fact of their interdependance and their nonzerosum nature.

This however does not penetrate the most difficult to handle cognitive bias the we have ; the so called Ego (self). Hence its not suprising to see that things are going wrong all over the world. This is because of the ingnorance of interdependability of things. Hence there is conflict, violence and capitalism. If not checked would end up like all zero sum game stratergies with a score of zero.
In destruction and end of the human race.

The answer is very simple to state , but needs a miracle to make it happen. Well all it takes is to shift to a nonzerosum stratergy. This basically means trust and altruistic cooperation. however for that to happen the egocentric bias had to be dealt with and society should be changed from a zero sum , greed based capitalism to a trust based econmy that is based on a nonzerosum nash equilibirium.

This soution has to be realised soon as time in the planet is running out. It may be that there is a critical mass of selfless free thinkers that make it happen or its a new mutant human mind that survives a global nuclear hoilocost... Either way , what we need is a self less , inclusive, bias free mind .
It may sound too idealistic to fit into the common cynical word view....well if this dosnt happen ..too bad... nothing will happen to the earth..its just that we wont be here anymore

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  1. Just a small thinking......
    Too many variables are involved to define the concept called “Life”. Few are speculative, few are hypothetical & rest falls into so called practical thinking (probability of grouping may vary). So to define one-self neither of the inter-dependent factors are unaware about the categorization there-fore is it not the “something” has defined itself as it is and hence the existences or otherway !!!!!