Friday, 20 May 2011

The Day That I’ll Die

The sky explodes and the earth shatters

Thunder grasps you and the seas drinks you

Tears flood and the mind sinks

All this and even more

For today is the day, the very day

The day that I’ll die

Why me, why now, why the hell!

All these thoughts just float

While my little heart sinks

Terror, and anger; sorrow and pain

Play a hostage game in the mind’s stage

All hope is gone and death is near

Nothing to cling to, except for fear

What will happen to our Love my dear?

This may be the day that we will die

But little darling don’t you cry

The sky may explode and the earth may shatter

Thunder may grasp and the seas may drink

Tears may flood and the heart may sink

The body may burn and ashes may fly

But nothing can shake the Love

The Love that holds our hearts together

The Love that made our mind as one

Though this mind and heart may die this day

The Love always remains

Not in form, not in name and not in time

The Love always remains!

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