Friday, 20 May 2011


who is it who speakes from my mouth
who says the words  who hears the songs
who is it who feels the wind
Who is it that makes me walk
who sleeps and who is awake
who is it who views me dream
who is it that makes me ask ; Who am I ?
I am no body, I am no soul
Iam no thought,  I am no desire
 I 'm no agent to pursue's goals
What is it that makes the "I''
The silent viewer under every eye
Neither this nor neither that
Are words too small to pursue that
Is there  emptiness or is it full
Do causal chains  of it , tug and pull
is it in one or is it in all
An interdependant all in all ?
Beyond thought and language the answer lies
In claps of single hands, and empty skies
There is no who but there is how;
 The Jeweled net of all at now
In silent veneration one shall see  
That '' what is'' will ever be
That ''what is " shall  forever be

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