Wednesday, 25 May 2011

THE EIGHT RELATIVE TRUTHS - my philosophy of life

        Existential questions are often encountered but seldom answered in everyday life. However having been awakened by a conversation with a friend I decided to be more contemplative and to analyse my existence systematically.  Why do I Live ? what is my meaning of Life ? What motivates me ? what is my philosophy of life?.  Having thought  over for a while I realize goals , ideals and visions are all too dynamic and emergent and may need persistant analysis and frequent updating.  However I would attempt to try to answer my existential questions

My Dream for humanity

The state of the human condition is such that  the illusionary boundary of the ego has finally been eroded and there is collective realisation of the oneness/ interdependence/ brahman/tawheed.

Having  collectively realized the oneness , there is emergence of a global harmony with respect to all domains.

Environmentally sustainable  economic  systems

A balanced and meaning ful society rooted in love and compassion

compassion in dealing with all other living beings

Choice being available in every human action


To be Constantly  mindful  and avoid ego traps

To have a world view centered on compassion and loving kindness 

To treat everyone as i would like to be treated 

To develop a nonjudgemental openess to differing world views

To have a flexible perspective and not be attached to a single conceptual view point

understand interdependence , impermenance and selflessness and to channel loving kindness in every act  

To engage in contructive collaboration with openminded , awakwened individuals and to establish a common path towards a global harmony


To bridge the gap between the perspectives of science , spirituality and philosophy

To demonstarte the biases in perception, thought and action and  to identify a common way to overcome them

Understand the nature of perception  and to understand the mystery of consciousness

To work towards changing the capitalistic and impersonal health care system to a holistic one


cognitive science  and Neurophilosophy

Understanding the Ego bias

Consciousness and its tricks

creating conditions for the emergence of an alternative society


1.Impermenance - everything passes away

2.Synchronic Interdependence- reality is dynamic flux of interdependant variables

3.Self is a delusion - self is a concept and intentionality and agency are illusions

4.suffering is inherent in individuality -

5.The umwelt is a perceptual bubble - the limits of our perception is set by our evolutionary history - the limit of our umwelt is our event horizon for perception

6.All perception is fallible - all perception is within the event horizon of the umwelt .

7.All truth is relative - as there is no independent observer

8.All knowledge is fallible

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