Saturday, 31 August 2013


Oh striving mind sailing the roaring seas of life

This port you are relishing today is only a temporary halt!

Your destination is far away

And the loving seas still beckon you

Don’t be seduced, by the colours of this foreign land

Don’t be lost, in their hypnotic music

This mystical paradise is all but an illusion

A mere trick to steal your mind

Don’t built a castle here on this luring shore

When your home is far away across the ocean

Why gather and   hoard; when you can’t carry anything aboard

Oh! Striving mind!

Wounded by the jagged rocks, chasing foamy pleasures

Don’t you see, this shore is not your home

The tide is right and your home beckons

So cast away the anchor of your ego and sail away

Oh!  Striving mind!

Sail away on this everlasting voyage of love!

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