Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Dawn has broken; and the morning sun stretches his rays

The clouds and sky brighten, and the early birds seek their prey

But I am still asleep!

Asleep in my slothful slumber!

Did I not know, last night?    

That the morning was just due!

Did I not learn, from every other day of my life?

That, there is a day that follows even the darkest night

And, there is light at the end of every tunnel

Why then, do I sink into a lazy slumber?

Why then, do I sleep, when I should be singing?

Singing the melody of the morning sky!

Why then,  do I doze, when should be dancing!

Dancing to the tune of the humming breeze!

Oh lazy soul of mine

Wake up and set yourself free! 


  1. Oh my God! Just what i feel every morning :D very nice

  2. Amazing Poem,specially loved this line "Did I not learn, from every other day of my life?"