Wednesday, 27 February 2013


In cloudless sky of the open mind

 With Wings spread across the endless horizon

Flying tirelessly in search of the land of destiny

Where love is lived and breathed

And Compassion is transformed to action

Where anger and hatred have melted away

And the illusion of self has evaporated

To this land of ultimate destiny

Oh wandering mind

Let my mindful wings lead! 


  1. Seems inspired by Tagore's- where the mind is without fear....but well written

    1. Just read " Where the mind is without fear" ! And now I realize it is one that i cherished a lot in childhood. It was part of our ICSE syllabus. Unconsicously this may have lingered on and now manifested as is this poem :) ..Now knowing This I cannot but smile on seeing the uncanny semblance :)