Sunday, 2 June 2013


Slowly and tardily; I’m learning

Learning to finally let go!

Bound to the wheel of transient phenomena

Spinning unconsciously in the web of life

Is it not natural to be carried away?

In the warm comfort of a good life

The pleasant pride of possession  

The anger of unmet expectation

And the pain of sudden dissipation

Can anyone be blamed for this piquant attachment?

But slowly; the murky water clears

And slowly, the transcendent truth appears

All things are dependent; and all things change

Clinging to a selected few; is the only root of pain

Difficult it may be, to accept and fathom; but yet wholly true

There is no real I, sitting behind my viewing eyes

There is no lingering me; nor a persistent mine

Oh! striving mind! Once you see this as the transcendent truth

The conceptual wall of self, crumbles; the mirage of self- made pain ends

And the fountain of love and compassion, overflows and transcends

Slowly and tardily; I now understand this truth

Slowly and tardily I fill my pot with this eternal love

Slowly I aim for the boundless compassion

Slowly may I even yearn for this ultimate bliss!