Sunday, 29 June 2014


Vultures circled and flew high
The land seemed deserted
Leaf-less trees stood pointlessly still
High upon the rocks of a barren peak
Rising from the dark shadows
He snarled!
He howled!
His eyes were blood shot
In them, the Terror was red!
Shining in the silvery moon light!
His Ivory canines, craved for a kill!
Mortal fear clutched the soil
The gates of Gubbio rattled
Remnants of gut and bone
Mixed with the pungent smell of fear
Filled the cold winter air
No one dared to leave home
For anyone who dared
Never returned!
No one but, Saint Francis
Saint Francis of Assisi!

A man of the lord; a man of compassion
A man of word and deed!
Having been called upon  
Called upon by the people of Gubbio
Having been called upon in desperation
Saint Francis of Assisi
Prayed and contemplated!
Opened the creaky gates of Gubbio
Made a sign of the cross
And entered the fanged land of the wolf!

A sudden movement of the shadows!
A sudden appearance!
Growling to announce!
Crouching to pounce
Fire in his eyes!
Fangs exposed!
The Wolf of Gubbio!  
The man of Assisi turned
A gentle smile adorned his face
He reached out!              
Reached out to the yearning beast!
The wolf in return!

Looking into his fiery eyes of terror !
He saw his hidden fear
Through his aggressive demeanour
He saw the unhealed wounds of his past
Through his thirst for blood
He saw the whole of human nature
Deep within; as he looked
He saw his own loving heart!
He saw the churning of the whole universe
He saw the Almighty Lord himself!
As the sea of compassion grew and swelled within
He smiled again!
Made a sign of the cross
And thus he spoke!  

“Come brother wolf
I will not hurt you “
“I come here in good will “
“So let us talk in peace “
“Why is it dear brother?
That you attack humans? “
And as he spoke to the wildness of the wolf
He could see into the unseen depths of canine life!
Left to die, by his own pack!
Owing to injury
Little, poor, brother wolf
 Hunting to survive
Eating to sustain
Came up on us, the easy pray
He did not have choice!
Nor did he have ability!
 To overcome his instincts
Poor brother wolf!
He too strived to be free of suffering!

As the sun of understanding was now shining
The sea of compassion was full
The rain of love descended on the duo
The fire in the eyes of the wolf transformed into tears
As he experienced love for the first time
He found in this great man of Assisi
 Someone who could finally understand him!
His eyes once burning; were now placid pools of love
His once raised tail, dropped down!
And now wagged in serenity
His aggression within, transformed to affection
With love overflowing in both their hearts
Saint Francis of Assisi
And the canine of Gubbio
Embraced in loving peace!

And so in peace they promised!
Francis of Assisi
On behalf of Gubbio
Promised the wolf, food for life
And brother wolf in return
Promised peace and tranquillity!

As they walked back into the gates of Gubbio
To proclaim peace to one and all
Love from their hearts overflowed!
Overflowed and filled the warm evening
Embracing all in its path
Blurring with it, all lines of separation
The separation between wolf and saint!
Between Good and evil; between defiled and immaculate
There was no more wolf; no more saint
Glowing warmly within!

There is only Love!

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