Saturday, 31 October 2015


I am just a Sufi!

And all I know is Love!

And love is all  to me

don't read  the  Quaran

don't go to to the Masjid

But the greatest secrets; I can still tell you!

My mecca is all within!

And Love is my only  emperor ! 


don't kill for meat !

And not  even for an idea !

Buddhist Jew, HinduChristian, and jain

 I am all of them !

Yet I am neither too !

Drowned and deafened by the drums of  hatred and anger

Can you still  hear the music of Love playing ?  

Can you not hear its all pervasive secrets ?

Come close to me ! Give me you ears!

Listen to this secret!

Listen to this secret of  ever eternal  Love!

Throw away your judgments and inhibitions

Give each other a hug !

Let the music of love play on !

All you have to do is let yourself go

And you too will become a true lover

You too will dance in its ecstasy!

You too will become a Sufi  

You too will scream out this mystical secret!

Love is one ! Love is all!

Love is the only all in all !  

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