Monday, 30 November 2015


The war of the world  is closing in! 

And this time,  your life is at stake! 

Bullets pierce, and tear flesh and life

Bombs explode, and shred dismembered organs

More blood flows on the roads

Than any heart or  vein

Oh friend! 

Oh Where will you run to!

 Oh where will you hide! 

The war of the world is closing in! 

Soon ! You too will be dead!

Like all the other million souls! 

All your dreams and achievements!

All you pleasures, desires and hopes!

All that you have, and all that you care about

All your loved ones,  you so love to protect

All of them, and you, will be soon miserably dead!

And this  time ! Where will you run! Where will you hide ! 

This is the war of the world! This war !

Is not  in a distant troubled nation! 

Nor is it in some radical mind of a terrorist

Not even in the controller of the controller of drones

But Deep within your own hatred ridden heart! 

The shield of hypocrisy will not protect you

The trench of religion will not guard you

The vest of  self-pursuit will not help you 

You were foolish to pursue the arms race of hatred!

You were foolish to use the nuclear weapons of selfishness!

Alas! Its too late now ! For you, and for humanity!

The tree of life is burning! 

The earth is soaking in your blood! 

The oceans turn red, and the waves wash away history! 

Alas! what will remain as the tombstone of man! 

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