Sunday, 31 July 2016


Don’t take me seriously!

I am just another one!

One of those zillion beings

Who come and go!

In your struggle for life

In your ranting and raving

I’m just a passer by!

Our eyes meet by random

But now it’s time to move on!

My form is not commanding!

I am not famous!

I don’t have words to flatter you

Yet within me lies a secret

The secret of happiness!

Head held high with pride

A cold stare!

A colder heart!

Blinded to your own vulnerability

You my friend!

Politeness makes me refrain

To call you a blessed fool!

In this raging torrent of life

Can’t you see you!

You cannot make it across alone

Can’t you see! You are not separate!

You are not!

On some great pedestal

No one is below you

No one is above you

We are all equal!

Break free from the shell of your selfish ego

Be united in Love

Be secured in compassion

Only then

You shall know!

True Happiness!

Here and now

You shall know; true salvation!

But then! Dear friend

You don’t have to take me seriously!

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