Sunday, 10 March 2013


Wrathful coils of cold metal held by rusting poles apart

Barbs and spikes greedy to rip the flesh apart

 Paranoid faces with untold fears

Taking formidable shelter; now behind the barbed wire!

Tell me dear friend? Hiding behind this quagmire!           

Where is the precious soul inside that you seek to protect?

Where are the mighty monsters that you so dread  

Those mindless vices that you desperately try to drive out

Are they inside or outside, the black boundaries of your huffy barbed wire?

 You could not afford the opaqueness of the wall; but could you not afford even an open heart?

The barbed wire across the land; is a barbed wire across the heart

Once sharing love and dividing the pain

Why now, divide the heart and bleed with pointless pain

Entangling and constricting, the loving heart with caustic spikes

Leaving behind bleeding sores on the souring soul

Tell me dear friend!

Who is it who hides behind this barbed wire? 

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