Monday, 25 March 2013


In this world of diversity!

Everything has a reason; everything has a place

Everything happens at its owns pace

Chugging along through the mountain terrain! 

With built up steam propelling the train

With pistons and levers; huffing and puffing

The mighty engine surges forward harnessing all its steam!

Silent on the table; content and stationary

The gentle kettle, beautiful and fragile in porcelain

Letting go of all its steam!

Not holding on; not building pressure

Pouring out easily all its temporary content!

Dissimilar and distinct!

The Steam engine and the kettle!

 Handling steam in different ways

Letting things go   in a different pace!

Yet, today, in this world of diversity!

The mighty steam engine is obsolete!

But the fragile kettle is still on the dining table

Talents vary and lives are different

And achievements are different too

Listen seeking friend! In this world of diversity!

Happiness is all that counts!

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