Friday, 12 April 2013


In this court of sanctimony

Where ego wears the crown

Ministers of attribution

Mislead the distractable jury!

Blaming the neighbor for its own manufactured misery

As the naked truth is buckled up

While it’s the crown, that should have faced the fury

But it’s the poor man who carries the cross!

While the feeling of knowing runs amok

Claiming victory over the highlands of truth

Queen Memory elopes with imagination

And comes back gravid with confabulation

As the orphaned reality is led astray

And misbegotten confabulation claims the crown

The court is lost in the bliss of self glory

As the country as a whole runs aground! 

In this court of sanctimony

Where the jester wears the crown

Tell me dear friend

Who else is left to call the bluff?

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