Thursday, 25 April 2013


In the comfortable corner of my embracing couch

Relaxing, reposing and rejoicing!  

I curiously wonder!  How long can this ignorant bliss last!

Trapped in the invisible net of my prejudice

Lost within the shadows of my own perception

How will I ever see, the magical magnificence of the morning sunshine?

With feeble eyes that only sees what’s in its mind

Hearing only those words which please the ear   

Believing blindly what " I " egocentrically choose

With Pleistocene senses and a selfish single-minded simplex brain

 Biased and incapable; to cope in the modern web of information

Seeking empty solace, in joining hands with those who agree

Yet claiming the unattainable trophy of the golden truth

Tell me! Oh mind making "me" !

How much narrower can my perspective be!

How much smaller can my bubble world get!  

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