Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Oh Lord! Oh my master!
I am so filled with your love

I am so intoxicated in your magnificence!

In this worldly existence of paradoxes

 Lost and caught up in self pursuit

What else did I gain, but hurt and anguish?

But, when I finally surrendered to your Will

When I finally gave myself up

 You blessed me with eternal salvation!

Benevolent and merciful

Omniscient and Omni-content

Showering upon a wretched like me

Your divine grace!

You have saved my fallen soul!

Oh Lord! Oh my master!

Let me now shine and glow with your Love

Let me lighten up some darkened lives and corners

Let me reach out a helping hand to helpless

Oh Lord! Oh my Master

Let your eternal Love forever fill me!  

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