Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Love is all there is!

Love is all that matters!

Oh! Foolish mind!

Why can’t you see?

The morning so fresh

Life is so beautiful

Yet why can’t you still see?

Those eyes that show!

 You and I as separate

The ears that hear

Us and them!

They are nothing more, but liars!

Don’t you be fooled by them!

Colour and race; caste and creed

Good and bad; beautiful and ugly

They are nothing, but superficial and illusionary

They are like mere layering dust on a glowing pot of gold!

So, listen, dear friend!

Blow away the dust in your eyes; and you will see

The heart of gold in every human form

The same essence of love; deep within one and all  

All cherishing to be happy

Desiring to free of suffering

Wishing to be loved and to love

Aren't we all essentially the same?

Sharing the fragile home of kind mother earth

In a life so ephemeral and full of suffering

Striving for love and happiness

Listen! My Dear friend!

Love is all we need! Love is all there is!  

Love is all , that finally matters!

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