Thursday, 31 December 2015


Dark clouds reined the sky 

Even the sun looked away 

It was raining day and night 

But no one knew 

No one knew till the  very day 

No one knew!  

Until it all happened ! Suddenly! 

As in the days of Noah 

Even as the rain was pouring 

People were eating , drinking,  being merry 

Fighting, pushing and  rushing in a hurry 

But Suddenly! As the dams turned 

The water came !

And  suddenly ! There was no where to go !

No Noah ; No ark! 

Only water everywhere!  

Water in homes, Water in  hospitals 

Washing  away all our precious things  

Drowning  our very own loved ones 

Stranded , shattered and starving 

As  we  watched helplessly from roof tops 

The city of once glory 

Was sinking now  in this sudden deluge 

Thankfully though !

The good lord is above ; and  his grace and mercy reigns 

And so; there is still hope for mankind!

As the floods drowned the ego of every  man 

And washed away all their colors, masks and  differences 

Love rose as the ark of Noah 

And compassion  saved the sinking city !

Every man became a good Samaritan 

Every man became  a noble Noah 

One  was there for the other

And the other  was there for one 

All united ! Beyond cast creed and conditioning 

The city rose above the flood waters 

The city won over  the sudden deluge

The skies have cleared now 

And the water has receded 

Oh Lord ! As  the winter  sun now shines bright again 

We just hope and pray! 

This ark of your Love  remains! 

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