Thursday, 31 December 2015


The winter morning is cold

My feet are tied!

There is music in the background

We are all  out in the garden

I used play here when I was a  kid

Mother was there too

But one day she was gone!

My friend is here with me still

He is my only hope!

Fear  grips me now!

I have a feeling of impending doom

Thanks to him

I have some comfort

In his hands I know I am forever safe!

He is my good shepherd!

From green pastures to still waters

He takes me everyday

He is my only Saviour! 

But today !

Why has he tied me down!

Why is he sharpening his knife!

Little Sid comes up now

He is my friend too

“Dad” he asks

Are we having mutton today?

“Yes son”

Today is the day of the feast!

And today there will be mutton!

Sid jumps in joy

Runs around the house

Like all little kids do

I too,  used to do so you  know!

Mutton ! mutton ! Mutton!

He says with overflowing joy !

My Saviour now  comes up to me

A prayer he says!

I too close my eyes with him

I too bleat in synchrony!

A warm feeling grows around my neck

sticky , red and warm!

As I wonder what all this mutton is about

Ouch ........  !

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