Sunday, 31 January 2016


Two friends beside me!

Walking with me through life! 

Walking hand in hand!

Through mountains and deserts

Valleys and streams

Through joy and sorrow

Though gain and loss

Teaching me!

Reminding me!

The values of life, universe and everything! 

Sometimes one or the other moves away

Only to  show me, my own folly!

Only to gently nudge me back! 

Oh Wisdom ! my great friend!

You are the shining  sun in the sky of understanding !

I thank thee! For teaching me!

For him who has inner vision and insight! 

The mind is but a slave !

And all  worldly pleasures  are worthless pursuits

Self  is realized  through  selflessness! 

And love is the greatest virtue! 

Oh wisdom! I bow down before you!

Oh Death! My great friend! 

Though dark and deceitful ! 

You no longer scare me! 

You move so close to me everyday!

Like rain drops that will ultimately reach the sea

One day we will become one!

How vicious you are in snatching away loved ones

Yet some how you have let me be!

I keep laughing at you for this

And yet you teach me humility !

Oh dear friend

How much  longer must we play this  game of life! 

Wisdom and Death! Two great friends beside me!

Walking with me for life     
Teaching me! 

Reminding me

The values of life universe and everything !

Oh Great friends! I thank thee ! 

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