Sunday, 31 January 2016


Shed your cloak of selfishness! 

Leave behind your sandals  of ego! 

Within this  holy-land of Mount Horeb

The burning bush is revealed! 

A  fire that  burns; yet does not consume! 

A fire that harms no flesh;; leaves no ashes! 

A fire that purifies the  heart and soul !

And within this holy fire; my soul burns! 

Burns with the fire of  Love! 

Burns with fire of  selflessness! 

And in this land of the holy of  holy

And in this land of where  Moses was transformed

"I am" is revealed! 

For “Iam  who I am” 

And "Iam" , is  was, and always shall be! 

And "I am" is  here within !

And  "I am"  is theophany!

The heretic says! 

When moses removed his sandals

He still was a coward! 

But the will of the  Lord led him

So let go of your ego dear friend! 

"Iam"  shall be revealed ! Be Led ! 

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