Sunday, 31 January 2016


Oh Heer! Come here my Love! 

Where have you been all this while! 

I have finally found you! 

I once came as a cow herd  under cover of darkness

Today! I have pierced my ears and come to you as a fakir

My identity  i have hidden from the world

But my Love  for you i can no longer conceal

You used to come to the forest to see me

In the banks of the Chenab we used to embrace

By the gentle waters, i can still hear your heartbeat

Amongst  the rustic flowers of the forest  i can feel your fragrance

I n the boat of Luddan out first meeting

A rustic and a beauty eye to eye !

Our hearts melted and our souls  united

Love eternal ! Indeed!

But this life of separation!!

Oh ! How much sorrow ! How much pain!

Oh Heer! Come to your Ranjha! 

I can no longer hide behind masks!

I can no longer bear the pain of separation

In the name of Allah!

Oh My  Love! Oh Heer!  Come  back to your Ranjha ! 

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